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The West Philadelphia Hospital for Women, founded in 1889 by Elizabeth Comly-Howell, M.D., was established in order to provide a place in West Philadelphia where women could be treated by women. In 1929, the hospital merged with the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia. At the time of the merger, it was arranged that all maternity cases would be sent to the West Philadelphia Hospital, and surgical cases would be kept at the Woman's Hospital. 

Records include a printed history of the Hospital, ca. 1899; charter and by-laws, 1912; annual reports, [1890-1927]; minutes, [1889-(1917-1932)], of the Board of Managers; minutes, 1908-1914, of the Executive Committee; rules, 1901, for the Superintendent and Directress of Nurses; letter, 1916, concerning the election of new members of the Broomall Club; and resolutions to merge with Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, n.d.


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WOMAN'S HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA, RECORDS, [1861 - 1964].    11 ln. ft.
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Founded in 1861 by Ann Preston, M.D., first woman Dean of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, the Hospital provided clinical experience for the College students and practical training for nurses, and had its own administration and Board of Lady Managers. In 1904, the College established its own, separate hospital for the training of women medical students. In 1929, the West Philadelphia Hospital for Women merged with the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, retaining the latter's name. 

Records include: minutes, 1861-1960, of regular and special meetings of the Board of Managers, and minutes of annual meetings, 1931-1963, of the Board; minutes of the Executive Committee, 1898-1950, and of its financial committee, 1935-1950. Minutes, 1929, of the Building Committee; reports, 1885-1929, of the House Committee. Register of deaths, 1872-1890. Training School for Nurses records include extracts from minutes of the Hospital's Board of Managers, 1863-1881; state requirements, 1927; Class Day programs, 1923-1924; School bulletins, 1957-1960. Annual reports of the Surgical Clinics, 1891-1897. Financial records include reports and summaries, 1894-1963; account book, 1932-1939; budget, 1962-1963; contributions and endowments, 1892-1964; and bequests.

WMC/MCP SPEECHES & ADDRESSES, RECORDS, [1850 - 1991].    2 ln. ft. 
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Texts of addresses given by College Presidents, Deans, and faculty to the students on such occasions as commencements and opening sessions. In the 19th century and early 20th century most of the addresses were printed. Included in these printed editions are copies of the class letter to the lecturer requesting publication of the lecture - a request and acceptance which became a tradition for the first fifty or so years of the College. As the 20th century progressed, copies of the speeches kept were merely typed versions (often drafts).

Some of the addresses are available only in published form, as journal articles. By the 1950s, copies of the comments made upon presentation of honorary degrees are included with Dr. Marion Fay's opening remarks at commencement ceremonies. Especially significant in this collection are the Introductory lectures and Commencement addresses from approximately 1850 - 1880, during which time lectures were given by Ann Preston, Hannah Longshore, Rachel Bodley, as well as male physicians who were instrumental in organizing the College.

A list of speakers and years of addresses is available.


VASCHAK, Mathilda R., M.D., Manuscript, 1977.   1 ms. and notes (18 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Pioneer Medical Women of the Americas" by Vaschak. Presented at the XV Congress of Pan American Medical Women's Alliance in San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 1977. Also includes notes about women physicians of Bolivia and the Dominican Republic.


HURD-MEAD, Kate Campbell, M.D., Manuscript, 1977.   Manuscript, 1936
Typed manuscript entitled "Did Women Write Medical Books Before 1850, and What, and Who, and When" by Hurd-Mead, noted medical historian. Presented at the Medical Women Authors Dinner of the Medical Women's National Association, Kansas City, Missouri, 14 May 1936. 1 ms. (3 pp.)

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CORNER, George, Ph.D., Manuscript, 1936.        1 ms. (6 pp.)
Manuscript, 1977 Photocopy of typed manuscript about Louise Pearce, M.D., past president of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, written by Corner, past president of the American Philosophical Society.


SENDERS, Virginia L., Manuscript, 1964.   1 ms. (14 pp.)
Mimeographed copy of typed manuscript entitled "Educating Tomorrow's Women" by Senders, dealing with education in general, not specifically with medical education. Presented at symposium on Changing Patterns in Education Beyond High School, Boulder, Colorado, 8 August 1964.


PORTER, Judi, Manuscript, 1958.    1 ms. (24 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "The Development of the Status of Women in American Medicine" by Porter. Apparently written in fulfillment of a requirement for a college course.


WOLFE, Eva, Manuscript, 1950.   1 ms. (24 pp.)
Carbon copy of typed manuscript, autographed by Wolfe, entitled "Elizabeth Blackwell and Some of Her Followers in Canada" by Wolfe. Written for English 101-X at Sir George Williams College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, March 1950.

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MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., Manuscript, 1929 .   3 ms. (1 original, 11 pp., and 2 typescripts)
Handwritten manuscript by Macfarlane. Gives an account of Dr. Mary Pauline Root's admission to Blockley Hospital (later named Philadelphia General Hospital) as an intern as told to Macfarlane by Root when they were driving along Maine roads on 23 August 1929. Also includes two typescripts of account.


FENICHEL, Carol Hansen, Ph.D., Manuscript, 1977.   1 ms. (50 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Disquisitions on Neurology, Psychiatry, and Related Topics: An Analysis of the Theses from the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1851-1888" by Fenichel. Written for a History of American Medicine course at the University of Pennsylvania.


KILSON, Marion, Manuscript, 1976.   1 ms. (30 pp.)
Manuscript, 1976 Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Women Physicians in Modern American Medicine" by Kilson. Prepared for the Macy Conference on Women in Medicine, 1976.


PAGE, Lillian, R.N., Manuscript, ca. 1952-1953.  1 ms. (7 pp.)
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Typed manuscript entitled "History of Nursing at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania" by Page.

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GRISCOM, Mary Wade, M.D., Manuscript, 1934 .   1 ms. (152 pp.)
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Typed manuscript entitled "History of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia" by Griscom. Written upon the request of the Hospital's Board of Managers, and published in 1934 as a two-part article in the Medical Woman's Journal.


MARSHALL, Clara, M.D., Manuscripts, ca. 1892; 1920; n.d..   3 ms. (53 pp); 3 typescripts (21 pp).
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Handwritten manuscripts: ca. 1892, discussing the early history of WMC, focusing on the influence of Esther Fussell Lewis, sister of Bartholomew Fussell, M.D.; ca. 1920, entitled "History of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania," containing in part the draft for the typed "History" (of which there are three copies). Notation attached to this manuscript states "not finished at her death--1931."; (n.d.), by Marshall, quotes excerpts from the memorial comments of Eliza E. Judson, M.D., on Ann Preston, M.D., 1873.


HURD-MEAD, Kate Campbell, M.D., Manuscript, ca. 1939, 1940.    2 mss. and correspondence .
Hurd-Mead and Mary Beard provided information for the Gallant American Women radio series for a broadcast on Women in Medicine. Includes Series III schedule of topics and dates, typed manuscript of "Women in Law," by Jane Ashman, and entire script for "Women in Medicine" broadcast.
Note : Additional Gallant American Women scripts (by different women, on different physicians) are available in the reprint file.


JAMESON, Florence, Manuscript, n.d.   1 ms., partial (22 pp.)
Typed partial manuscript (pp.11-32), entitled "The Shoeman's Daughter" by Jameson. A story in blank verse based on facts as told to Jameson by the late Dr. R. Wistein, the shoeman's daughter.
Note : Part of AMWA Collection.


WISTEIN, Rosina Rehor, M.D., Manuscript, n.d.nbsp;  1 ms. (212 pp.)
Typed manuscript, with handwritten changes and notes, of Wistein's autobiography. Includes brief letter from Bertha Van Hoosen.
Note : Part of AMWA Collection

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