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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 121-140.

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LOOMIS, Metta M., BOOKPLATES, n.d.   160 items.
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Collection of 160 bookplates from physicians, medical libraries, and other medicine-related activities.


ROGERS, Fred B., M.D., PAPERS, 1954   2 letters
Two letters, 1954, to Rogers from Ellen C. Potter, M.D., concerning her activities and including reference to having received the Elizabeth Blackwell Award.

Additional materials: reprint #1626

BUTLER, Margaret F., M.D., PAPERS, [1926 -1928]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook containing printed material relating to the Greater Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Fund Raising Campaign.


SCRAPBOOK, hospitals in Asia, PAPERS, [1878-1922]   1 scrapbook, microfilm
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Scrapbook containing photographs of hospitals and patients in China, Ceylon and India. Primarily photographs with some drawings and some printed materials. The compiler of the scrapbook is not identified; materials were contributed by Dr. Elizabeth Reifsnyder; Dr. Anna S. Kugler. Dr. M. Pauline Root; and Dr. Mary Grascom. Original and microfilm available.

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UNIDENTIFIED SCRAPBOOK, PAPERS, [1891 - 1941]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings of health-related book reviews and obituaries of women physicians.


HILLS, Laura Heath, M.D., PAPERS, [1892 - 1949]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook containing miscellaneous letters, original poems, photographs of school life at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, and a variety of newsclippings and momentos.

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VON POSWICK, Gisela, M.D., PAPERS, [1903 - 1938]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook, containing biographical information, photographs, announcements and invitations, and newspaper clippings of Von Poswick, woman pioneer in roentgenology.


MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., PAPERS, [1913 - 1935]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook, mostly consisting of materials from the WMC Endowment Fund Campaign, 1913-1918, and the Emergency Drive, 1918. Also contains newspaper clippings about Elizabeth Blackwell, M.D., and Ah Mae Wong, and current national events; and memorabilia.


MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., PAPERS, [1935 - 1948]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook, [1935-1948], compiled by Macfarlane, containing brochures, invitations, and announcements relating to honors and awards she received. Also includes newspaper clippings concerning her study on the prevention of uterine cancer, the Institute for Cancer Research at Fox Chase, Pennsylvania, and miscellaneous articles about discrimination against women physicians, and about Drs. Mary Wade Griscom, Louise Pearce, and other personnel at WMC.

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MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., PAPERS, [1936 - 1969]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook, mostly compiled by Macfarlane, containing letters and pamphlets concerning a fund-raising campaign for the expansion of WMC in the late 1950s; invitations; newspaper clippings about her cancer research, honors and awards she received, and about discrimination against women physicians; and Macfarlane's obituary.


MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., PAPERS, [1940 - 1951]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook, apparently compiled by Macfarlane, containing miscellaneous speeches. Invitations, brochures, and newspaper clippings dealing with Eve Curie's visit to the United States for the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery of radium; and also the research, prevention, and treatment of cancer; and the history of and discrimination against women in medicine.


MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., PAPERS, [1941 - 1948]   1 scrapbook
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Scrapbook, compiled by Macfarlane, contains correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning a proposed merger of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania with Jefferson Medical College. Also clippings and printed materials about Macfarlane's cancer research, and commissioning women in the Army; and obituaries of women physicians.

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ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS: Public relations, RECORDS, 1854, 1856, 1860-1984.    27 scrapbooks and 7 ln.ft.
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27 clippings scrapbooks and loose clippings of general information related to WMC/MCP. All scrapbooks are of a general nature, covering any topic relevant to the school and hospital and were compiled anonymously (probably by the public relations department in later years). One of the two more specific scrapbooks focuses on the Alice Tallant Affair; the other was compiled by Dr. Rachel L. Bodley, Dean of the College from 1874-1888. Each scrapbook covers a particular period of time with the total time period covered being from 1867 to 1972 with single clippings dating to 1854. The loose clippings were transferred intermittently to the Archives from the PR Department, and are dated 1966 to 1984.

*Note: Four record cartons of materials containing Dateline MCP, a compilation of reprints from local and national newspapers and magazine articles, are stored off-site at Pierce Leahy storage under accession number 133 in customer box numbers, 5201680, 5201683-85.


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History, 1938, of The Anna E. Broomall Club, later The Anna E. Broomall Medical Club. Constitution, 1900, and amendments; minutes and reports of annual meetings, [1915, 1919-1962]; miscellaneous Treasurer's correspondence and accounts, [1901-1961], including a special group of records concerning the endowment of a bed for women in the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia in 1911.

Additional materials: pamphlets, including a biography of A.E Broomall, M.D.

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COCKETT, Marguerite Standish, M.D., PAPERS, [1893 - 1946]    1 scrapbook
Scrapbook containing academic, business, and personal correspondence, and membership cards, programs, and photographs relating to Cockett's various activities as nursing student, medical student (WMC-1905), physician, and, ultimately, antique dealer in New England.


BLADY, John V., M.D.,OBJECTS, ca. 1940  
Eight pieces of office furniture used by John Blady during his practice as a surgeon specializing in the treatment of cancer of the head and neck. Blady worked with several WMC staff physicians including MacFarlane, Pettit, Morani, Falor, Van Loon and Pendergrast.


POTTER, Marion Craig, M.D., PAPERS, [1879 - 1938]   1 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, [1913-1938], mostly concerning Potter's activities as New York State's chair of the American Women's Hospitals, of the Medical Women's National Association, and also letters by and about Rosalie B. Slaughter Morton, M.D. Letters of congratulations, 1934, to Potter on the fiftieth anniversary of her graduation from medical school. Record book, 1884, containing case histories of Potter's patients. Copies of papers and speeches by Potter, [1914-1933], on a variety of medical topics. Psychology notes and related materials, [1900-1902], by Eveline P. Ballantine, M.D., about Potter's children. Scrapbook, [1913-1936], consisting primarily of clippings about medicine and preventive medicine, physicians, and about Potter's church activities in Rochester, New York.

Additional materials: certificates, pamphlets, reprints.

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WAUGH, Elizabeth A. Sides, M.D., PAPERS, [1931 - 1973]   27 scrapbooks and 7 ln.ft.
Correspondence, including medical reports, [1947-1969], with Catharine Macfarlane, M.D., and other physicians, concerning Waugh's obstetrics and gynecology patients. Correspondence, legal and other relating to the AMWA Library Trust Fund to establish its library at MCP, including a partial history of the Fund written by Waugh. Letters of congratulations, 1964, to Waugh upon receiving the Elizabeth Blackwell Award of AMWA. Miscellaneous certificates and diplomas; obituary notice for Catharine Macfarlane.

Additional materials: certificates, pamphlets, reprints.


DUBIN, I. Nathan, M.D., PAPERS, [1924 -(1954-1980)]   4 in.
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General correspondence, [1956-1980], includes materials which reflect Dubin's work as a consulting liver pathologist, as well as his interest in publishing his light verse and fiction. Course outlines, lecture notes, budget and related materials from his activities as Professor of Pathology and Chairman of the Pathology Department at MCP. Correspondence, progress reports, funding requests, news releases, and other materials, [1956-1965], relating to the Uterine Cancer Cytology Research Project at MCP, which Dubin directed. Scattered minutes, correspondence, and notes, [1971-1975], reflecting Dubin's activities with MCP's By-Laws Committee. Manuscripts, both published and unpublished, about medical subjects; the history of medicine, including material concerning Maude Abbott, and containing copies as well as some of Abbott's original correspondence, 1924; and a small quantity of Dubin's light verse and fiction.

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