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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 161-180.

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MATHES, Valerie Sherer, MANUSCRIPT, 1982   1 ms. (40 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Susan La Flesche Picotte: The First Indian Woman Physician" by Mathes. Presented at the Pacific Coast Branch of the American History Association meeting, August 1982.

VAN LOON, Emily Lois, M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1966   1 ms. (8 pp.)
Carbon copy of typed manuscript on Chevalier Jackson, M.D., by Van Loon. Presented at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 9 February 1965.


WATROUS, Hilda, MANUSCRIPT, 1982   1 ms. (56 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Narcissa Cox Vanderlip: First Chairman, New York State League of Women Voters, 1919-1923" by Watrous.

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MCCORMICK, Ada Peirce, PAPERS, [1908 - 1949]   1 ln. ft.
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Letters to McCormick primarily from Elizabeth Frances C. Clark, M.D., and Emma Elizabeth Musson, M.D. Scattered letters from Catharine Macfarlane, M.D., Frances Culbreth Van Gasken, M.D., and Elise Whitlock-Rose, M.D.

Additional materials: pamphlets.

MORANTZ, Regina Markell, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1982   1 ms. (17 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Daughters of Aesculapius: Women Physicians in American Medicine in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries" by Morantz. Presented at the Kate Hurd-Mead Lecture at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 19 May 1982. Paper is based on the introduction for In Her Own Words: Oral Histories of Women Physicians, edited by Morantz, Cynthia Stodola Pomerleau, and Carol Hansen Fenichel, Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1982.


DODGE, Eva, M.D., PAPERS, [1961-1972]   1.2 ln. ft.
Collection of correspondence with and concerning Eva Dodge, M.D., from files of L. Robert Oaks.

Additional materials: photographs

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GLOECKNER, Mary Louise Carpenter, M.D., PAPERS, [1933 - 1979]   13.5 ln. ft.
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Scattered professional and social correspondence, [1933-(1953-1978)], including several notes from Catharine Macfarlane, M.D. Scattered minutes, reports, correspondence, notes, meeting announcements, and related material for several organizations in which Gloeckner was active, including the American Cancer Society, the Philadelphia Division, [1958-1978]; the American Medical Association [1951-1975], including a few diary entries, 1970, reflecting some of her activities as the first woman Vice-President of the Association; the American Medical Women's Association, 1971-1972; the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, [1969-1973]; Conshohocken Civilian Defense Council-Medical Division, 1957-1960; Montgomery County Medical Society, [1942-(1964-1972)]; Pennsylvania Medical Society, [1950-1973]; the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1969-1971. Miscellaneous materials relating to various memberships, honors, and awards. Speeches and papers on such topics as cancer, civil defense, ecology, health careers, preventive medicine, travel in England, and women in middle age.

Additional materials: photographs, diplomas, artifacts, medical instruments, monographs, reprints, clippings.


ROBB, Jane Sands, M.D., PAPERS, [1918 - 1965]   1 ln. ft.
Correspondence relating to awards Robb received; biographical material about Robb; scrapbook containing newsclippings of her work in cardio-vascular diseases.

Additional materials: diplomas, photographs, memorabilia.

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MCGAVRAN, Mary Theodora, M.D., PAPERS, [1893 - 1900]   6 in.
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Two diaries, reflecting McGavran's student days at WMC, 1893-1896, and as an intern at the Polyclinic in Philadelphia; and as a medical missionary in India, 1896-1900.

Additional materials: photographs.


BELL, Ella Cooper, M.D., PAPERS, [1914 - 1979]    3.5 ln. ft.
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Scrapbook containing biographical information, photos, reprints relating to Bell. Patient records belonging to Catharine Macfarlane, M.D.

Additional materials: certificates, diplomas, memorabilia, textbooks.


FENICHEL, Carol Hansen, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1982    1 ms. (35 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "19th Century Gynecology and the Theses from Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania" by Fenichel. Written for a history course at Drexel University.

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ABBOTT, Maude Elizabeth, M.D., PAPERS, [(1910 - 1911) - 1934]   2 in.
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Correspondence concerning Abbott's compilation of a Classified Bibliography of Women in Medical Research. Includes lists and tentative classification of publications on subjects in the fields of medicine and biology by American and European women, and contains some information about these women, such as date of graduation, university or hospital appointment.

Additional materials: framed portraits, monographs, reprints.


STURGIS, Margaret Castex, M.D., PAPERS, [1962 - 1965]   1.5 ln. ft.
Biographical and genealogical information of Sturgis, and correspondence,[1962-1965], concerning memorials to Sturgis, and the dedication of the Margaret Castex Sturgis Conference Room at MCP.

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MENENDIAN, Rose V., M.D., PAPERS, [1944 - (1950 - 1951)]   2 ln. ft.
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Letters to Menendian from Bertha Van Hoosen, M.D., with medical and surgical advice and stories; discussing the AMWA Library; and containing personal notes.

Additional materials: diplomas, photographs.
NOTE: Preliminary register available.
See also: Accession 47


MCPHERSON, JOHN W., PAPERS, [1951]   2.5 in.
Materials, [1951], regarding application for incorporation of the Alumnae Association of WMC, including testimony and related legal documents of attorney McPherson; copies of correspondence and legal agreements, [1956-1973], concerning the establishment of the AMWA Library at WMC.

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materials related to exhibition opening for "Medical Training at WMCP Between 1904-1914", NON-TEXTUAL, [1935-Present]   .5 inch, 1 audio tape
Audio tape, program, newsflyer, copy of paper presented by Dr. Barlow. Program speakers: Eva K. Ray, PH.D., Maurice Clifford, Sandra Chaff, Alton I. Sutnick, M.D., Anne L. Barlow, M.D., Diane Kiddy.


HILL-BEUF, Ann, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1983   1 ms. (15 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Recent Gains of Women in the Medical Profession" by Hill-Beuf. Presented on 2 March 1983, at a noon lecture at MCP.

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Black Women Physicians, PAPERS, [1947-1974,1977-1985]   2.5 ln. ft.
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Artificially created collection consisting of newspaper clippings and articles on 19th and 20th century African-American women physicians. Correspondence to and from Margaret Jerrido, Archives Staff, in relation to her work on the black women physicians panel for the exhibition "Send Us a Lady Physician", 1985. Oral histories on audio and video tape.

See also: Accession 49, Deceased Alumnae Files, Reprint file, Images and Sound page, Oral history page.


WOENER, Lydia, M.D., PAPERS, [1899 - 1983]   2 ln. ft.
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Certificates and licenses to practice medicine in New York and Pennsylvania.

Additional materials: photographs, reprint.

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WMC/MCP - Development and Public Affairs, RECORDS, [1963 - 1981]   2 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, minutes, and news releases on the following MCP groups, events, and programs, [1963-1981]: National Board, Commonwealth Board, Auxiliary, Board of Advisers, Board of Corporators, Sup-port Groups, Executive Board, Altrusa Club, Commencement, Hospital Day, Founders Day, Gimbel Award, leadership training, patient visitation, Summer Policy program. Biographical and other information collected by the Development Department on various individuals associated with MCP.

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