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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 1946-1991.

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Esther Coates Wileman diploma, 1855 and 1943
a diploma conferred upon Esther Coates Wileman's medical degree diploma by Penn Medical University of Philadelphia, October 1, 1855; signed by Josephus Longshore, M.D., Dean of the school typed translation of the diploma (which is written in Latin) by Alfred C. Schlesinger of Oberlin College, 1943.


materials relating to Anne M. Smith  
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Letter from Mary Scarlett (Dixon, WMC 1857) to Edwin Fussell, 1869
Letter from Mary Scarlett (later Mary Scarlett-Dixon, WMC 1857) to Edwin Fussell, June 15, 1869 re:activities at WMC College and Hospital; 3 pages, written on both sides of each page.


Architectural blackline: ground floor plan for the nurses home and school of nursing at WMC, 1948
Architectural blackline: ground floor plan for the nurses home and school of nursing at WMC, 1948.


Portrait of Margaret Kelly,   1.0 objects
Margaret Kelly (1898-1990) was an active member of the Board of Corporators of the WomanÕs Medical College of Pennsylvania and served as its chairman in 1945. She was also Chairman of the Nursing School Committee and helped to found the Auxiliary. Through her, the entire Kelly family was involved in the life of the College, including her daughter, Grace Kelly, later known as Princess Grace of Monaco.


Books about Ida Scudder, 1951, 1959, 1980
Books about Ida Scudder, M.D. (.1, .2 and .4 are by Dorothy Clarke Wilson; .3 is Mary Pauline Jeffrey) .1: Dr. Ida: The Story of Dr. Ida Scudder of vellore, 1959. .2: Dr. Ida Scudder: Passing on the Torch of Life, 1959..3: Ida S. Scudder of Vellore: The Life Story of Ida Sophia Scudder, 1951 .4: Apostle of Sight, 1980.


materials relating to Mary Edith Hennessy Jarvis, M.D., WMC 1885, PHOTOGRAPHS, c. 1895   1 photograph and negative
Photograph: copy print and negative of an original photograph of Mary Edith Hennessy Jarvis, M.D., WMC 1885, and a young girl, probably her daughter.


MCP: Pathology Clinical Lab and Radiology Department, NON-TEXTUAL, c. 1988   1 video tape
Video tape showing Pathology Clinical Lab and Radiology Department.


Ida S. B. Scudder collection of materials related to Ida S. Scudder and Emma Kittredge Quinn, 1922, 1984
photograph of reprint: "Vesico-Vaginal Fitulae and Perineorraphy" by Ida S,. Scudder, M.D. and mary Taber Schell, India, 1922 (in Scudder VF); .2: photocopy (2 pages) of obituary text and printed obituary of Emma Kittredge Quinn (WMC 1929), 1984 (in Quinn DAF).


Lucius Crowell painting of Woman's Medical College Hospital, 1964
Lucious Crowell. framed painting (carved wood and gilt frame, unglazed); oil on canvas; rendering of Woman's Medical College Hospital by Lucius Crowell, 1964 (frame date reads 1965). 27 1/2" x 40 1/2" (horizontal orientation); 34 1/2" x 45 3/4" with frame and mat.


Public Service Announcements, Topic: Use of Animals in Research, C. Everett Koop, M.D., NON-TEXTUAL, 1990   2 video tapes
2 video tapes (same program - 1 on 3/4" tape, 1 on standard VHS format): 1. “A Book for Doctors”, 2. “When I Was Young”; The Foundation for Biomedical Research (30 seconds each).


Joann Mower papers, [1977-1987]
Materials related to Joann Mower, an administator at medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital: news releases, clippings, memoranda, photographs.


MCP mission statements, images, c. 1971
pamphlet:"A Star to Steer by: Statement of Mission, The medical College of Pennsylvania", 1971; .2: pamphlet: "The Medical College of Pennsylvania", c. 1971


Books donated by Andrew Beasley, 1896, 1990
Book: Food Products of the World, by Mary E. Green, M.D., 1896 (fourth edition); .2: book: One to Follow: A Tale of Two Women, by Mary Elizabeth Korstad, 1990.


The Gift of Healing, A Legacy of Hope, 1990   1.0 Volumes
The Gift of Healing, A Legacy of Hope, Beatrice C. Engstrand, M.D. (MCP 1984)


WMC: Accounting Department, RECORDS, c. 1940-60   1 ledger
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General ledger.


materials related to Samantha Nivison, 1864
Two bound copies of an "Address by Miss S.S. Nivison" (FMC 1855) at Cascadilla Place, "An Institution for the Treatment of the Sick, and the Education of Females as Physicians and Nurses", 1864; (.1 is the copy with the pink cover, .2 has a yellow cover, otherwise they are identical).


Dr. Button papers
.1-.3: photographs of Dr. Helen Button, M.D.; .1: outdoors in light brown coat and blue blouse; .2: outdoors in winter in front of house, wearing short brown jacket and hat; .3: outdoors near roses, wearing brown leather jacket and blue blouse.


Manuscript: "Frances Emily White and Spencerian Thought in America", 1989


Memoirs of Dr. Lorraine Frost (WMC 1947): "My Amplified Stethoscope and I", c. 1991


MCP Alumnae Association letter and response card to alums re: a disagreement, 1971
MCP Alumnae Association letter and response card to alums re: a disagreement between the Association and the Executive faculty regarding the number of emale students to be accepted at MCP and under what conditions; copies of responses and comments from alums, 1971; 33 pages


Photograph of Catharine Macfarlane, M.D., and others on the set of the television program "This is Your Life", 1956
Framed and matted photograph of Catharine Macfarlane, M.D., and others on the set of the television program "This is Your Life", 1956


WMC Library papers regarding the AMWA collections, 1940-1973
Mostly correspondence related to AMWA's efforts to build a library at WMC and establish the AMWA collection there (acc #37).


Two pages from Leslie's Weekly, with the article "A Famous Medical School for Women", 1904
Two pages from Leslie's Weekly, with the article "A Famous Medical School for Women", Harry Dillon Jones, January 14, 1904, which includes three photographs of Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania students (see P-303, P-303A and P-2179).


The Image of the Women Physician in Ten Victorian Novels, 1871-1886, 1991
Two versions of a dissertation written in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the M.D. at Yale University. ŅThe Image of the Women Physician in Ten Victorian Novels, 1871-1886Ó by Sonya S. Erickson, 1991; one copy was sent in May of 1991 and is 347 pages; the other copy, sent in October of 1991 is 437 pages.


Marion Fay Š A Memorial Tribute: June 21, 1990 (video), 1990


Biographical Files, Public Relations Department, Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1976-1988   0.21 ln. ft.


Doris Bartuska papers, (bulk 1989-1990)   0.5 ln. ft.
Found during 2011 shelf integration project, has brief inventory and note that the materials were received July 10, 1991. Back-accessioned during the big shelf integration project of October 2011. Inventory: newsclippings photos correspondence publications reprints flyers CV poster personal medical reports AMWA, AMA, other Medical Society materials.


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