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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 1993-1996.

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Cora M. Ballard, M.D.
PHOTOGRAPHS, c. 1890    1 photograph
Portrait. Dr. Ballard was the chair of the International Medical Womanís Association for the Promotion of Post-graduate Study in 1930, and it is believed that she practiced in New York or Boston. It is also believed that she was the first woman physician ever permitted to give a lecture at Harvard University, although there is currently no evidence of this.


materials belonging to Dr. Kirtane collection on Anandibhai Joshee, WMC 1886  

Dr. Kirtane collection on Anandibhai Joshee, WMC 1886, 1992-1993
1: video tape of a short film:Dr. Anandibai Joshi: Time and Achievement, 1993; .2: photograph: headstone of Anandibai Joshee in rural Cemetary in Poughkeepsie, c. 1992; .3: photograph: headstone of Anandibai Joshee in Rural Cemetary in Poughkeepsie, 1992; .4: photograph: Anandibhai Joshee's father's home, where she lived until she married, 1992. Anjali Kirtane.


New York Medical College and Hospital for Women papers, [1922-1929]
Materials relating to the New York Medical College and Hospital for Women, [1922-29]: clippings, correpondence, brochure, Supreme Court opinion


Mathilda Vaschak Oaks, M.D. papers, 1990-1993


Elizabeth Blackwell and her Alma Mater by Malcolm Sanders Johnston, 1947
Signed copy of the booklet Elizabeth Blackwell and her Alma Mater by Malcolm Sanders Johnston.


Life magazine: December 10, 1945, Vol 19, No.24: contains article with photographs: "Girls' Medical School" about Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1945


Practical anatomy notebook, c. 1989
One practical anatomy notebook, c. 1989 containing exams as well as notes.


National Board records, 1989
National Board Award binder: contains materials regarding invitations, awardee, selection committee meeting, expenses, correspondence, lists of American medical societies, deans of U.S. medical schools and CEO's.


Lillian Seitsive, M.D. papers, [c. 1985 - 1993]
materials related to Lillian Seitsive, M.D., WMC 1931: photographs, Northridge Hospital Medical Center publications, copies of pages from a "tribute" book.


materials belonging to Anna Gaydos, M.D.  
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Materials related to the Student American Medical Association (SAMA), particularly regarding student activism in the 1960s and 70s, and WMC's Student Government Association (SGA; includes meeting minutes, audio interviews on tape, SAMA booklet, [1972-93] (bulk 1990s)
A Handbook for Change, 1972, a paper by Sofia Ali titled "Activism in the Sixties as an Impetus for Change in Medical Schools”, and documents relating to student life and government at WMC in the early 1990s.


"Women in Medicine" possibly by Aldona Bulata, n.d.


Educating for Health & Prevention: a history of the Department of Community and Preventive Medicine of the (Woman's) Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1993


materials belonging to Ethel M. Hamilton, M.D. (WMC 1934)
PAPERS, [1879-1986]    Approximately 50 volumes and booklets, 1 notebook, and 3 ln. in. of printed materials.
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Dr. Hamilton was the first heart clinic clerk at WMC. This collection consists largely of textbooks, some from around the turn of the century; works of fiction with medical themes and medical histories; some printed materials related to WMC/MCP such as commencement, homecoming, alumnae/i association and other items; Dr. Hamiltonís WMC pathology notebook, c. 1933

medical instrument belonging to Catharine Macfarlane, M.D., WMC 1898 ,OBJECTS, c. 1950   
*NOTE: This is the first of two different accessions with this number.

materials related to June Klinghoffer, M.D., WMC 1945
PAPERS, [1951-92]    1 ln. ft.
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Dr. Klinghoffer is an internist and was Professor of Medicine at WMC/MCP. She was the long-time Director of the medicine clerkship and most recently served as the Director of Student Teaching Programs in the Department of Medicine. She also served as President of the Alumnae/i Association. The collection includes: correspondence and other papers related to her work with the Alumnae/i Association, 1984-90 and fundraising campaigns, [1951-86]; medical staff, c. 1977-79; curriculum committee, 1983; homecoming 1990; memorial funds and committees, c. 1981-92; presentations and citations, c. 1982-92.

materials related to Clara K. Dickinson, M.D., WMC 1923
PAPERS, [1919-75]   
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Dr. Dickinson was a general practitioner who also worked in a hospital lab and in anesthesiology. She later supervised the womenís side of Southwestern State Hospital in Virginia. Finally, she worked at St. Albans Sanatorium, a psychiatric hospital owned and operated by her family. The collection includes: Dr. Dickinsonís clinical notebook from her student days at WMC, 1923; news clippings; photographs, [c. 1923 - 1975]; photograph album, 1919-22; certificate, 1973.

materials related to Anthony De Casperis, M.D., MCP 1974
PAPERS, c. 1975    6 books, a notebook, and collection of articles
Dr. De Casperis was a surgeon and instructor at Hahnemann Medical College Hospital in the late 1970s and 1980's. The collection includes: medical textbooks by women physicians; copies of articles; and Dr. De Casperisí student notebook, c. 1974.

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sketch of WMC buildings on Henry Avenue
NON-TEXTUAL, c. 1960   
sketch of WMC buildings on Henry Avenue, by Frank Davis: c. 1960

materials related to Marion Fay, Ph.D.: academic robe, two hoods and mortarboard; framed certificate
PAPERS, n.d.   
materials related to Marion Fay, Ph.D.: academic robe, two hoods and mortarboard; framed certificate: n.d

See also: accessions #244 and 1992.11.

image of MCP Hospital
PHOTOGRAPHS, c. 1935    1 photograph
exterior of MCP Hospital: c. 1935

2 prints from books n.d.    
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Prints from books: a 19th century woman physician and a page from an anatomy book showing the human skeleton.

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Three firsts: Women Pioneers in American Surgery (video tape), 1992   1.0 objects
VHS video tape: Three firsts: Women Pioneers in American Surgery; 55 minutes, 42 seconds.


Medical College of Pennsylvania video tapes, 1974, 1988-90, 1992   9.0 objects
1: video tape: Senior Day, April 30, 1990, Tape 1; .2: video tape: Senior Day, April 30, 1990, Tape 2; .3: video tape: Senior Day, April 26, 1989, Tape 1; .4: video tape: Senior Day, April 26, 1989, Tape 2; .5: video tape: Senior Day, April 26, 1989, Tape 3; .6: video tape: Senior Day, 1992, Tape 1; .7: video tape: Senior Day, 1992, Tape 2; .8: video tape: Grace A. Goldsmith, M.D., a biographical memoir of Goldsmith, expert in diseases of nutrition and metabolism, 1974; .9: video tape: MCP 1988 Graduation, June 4.


Lila Kroser papers
materials related to Lila Kroser, M.D. (WMC 1957): materials related to the following organizations and institutions: American Academy of family Physicians, Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County Medical Society, College of Physicians, Pennsylvania Academy of family Physicians, American Medical Women's Association, Medical Women's International Association; personal materials, publications.


Nursing textbooks, 1942-1948
Nursing textbooks: .1: Communicable Disease Nursing, Theresa Lynch, 1942; .2: Textbook of Pharmacology for Nurses, Margene faddis and Joseph Hayman, 1943; .3: Principles of Pediatrcits and Pediatric Nursing, Cecilia Knox, 1945; .4: Microbiology Applied to Nursing, Jean Broadhurst and Leila Given, 1945; .5: Nutrition in Health and Disease, Lenna Cooper, Edith Barber and Helen Mitchell, 1943; .6: Textbook of Psychiatric Nursing, Arthur Noyes and Edith Haydon, 1948.


Alumnae/I Association records, 1966-1994 (bulk dates 1988-1993)


Anny Elston papers 
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MCP Development Collection 
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MCP Alumnae Association minutes, 1990-1992


Dr. Barbie dol, c. 1993
Dr. Barbie doll, with accessories in original package.


Mr. O'Brien's reminiscences of Margaret May Nicholson, M.D., 1994
Mr. O'Brien's reminiscences of Margaret May Nicholson, M.D., first woman to graduate from George Washington University with an M.D. degree (according to Mr. O'Brien).


Memoirs: Dr. Isabella Webster, c. 1994   1.0 objects


The Iron Rose: The Extraordinary Life of Charlotte Ross, M.D., by Fred Edge
PAPERS, c. 1990    .5 linear feet and 11 slides
The collection includes four binders of research materials and eleven slides of Charlotte Ross, M.D. and her family.


WMC Hospital nurses
PHOTOGRAPHS, 1913    2 photographs
2 photographs: group portraits of unidentified WMC Hospital nurses.


Drs. Maurice Michaels and Pearl Gribetz (WMC 1930)
PHOTOGRAPHS, 1930    1 photograph
One photograph of Drs. Maurice Michaels and Pearl Gribetz.


MCP faculty lists
RECORDS, 1933    90 pages
MCP faculty.

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journal: The Medical Missionary,1958-59   
Three issues of the journal The Medical Missionary.


Lee Winston Silver Collection   
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Lee Winston Silver Collection   
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Rose Greenberg Collection    
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Book: Edwin A. Jarecki, M.D.   
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Handbook MCP   
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Image related to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson   
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Reprints and Correspondence    
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Materials related to The Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital Employee Health Committee    
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materials related to Edith L. Kristeller, M.D. (WMC 1947)
PAPERS, [1942-88]    3.5 linear feet
Dr. Kristeller, a native of Germany, was a practitioner of physical medicine and rehabilitation including physical therapy and massage. The collection includes: curriculum vitae; correspondence, [1955-91]; photographs; New York nursing license, 1942; clippings, 1980; association memberships and correspondence, [1955-85]; letters of recommendation by Dr. Kristeller, [1971-86]; letters of resignation, 1967, 1981, 1987, 1988; honors and citations, [1966-88]; committee and society work, [1954-81]; letters of recommendation and proof of work history, [1936-80]; correspondence re: appointments at the New York Infirmary, [1957-86]; correspondence re: education and teaching at New York University, [1942-91]; correspondence re: employment at Bellevue Hospital, NY, [1962-85]; material related to employment at Goldwater Memorial Hospital, NY, [1951-53]; materials re: massage and physical therapy laws, [1973-80]; publications, [1952-69]; materials re: post-graduate course at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 1976; employment at Sidney Hillman Health Center, 1952; notes, lectures, speeches and related correspondence, photographs and slides, [1953-87]; materials and notes re: osteoporosis, [1975-87]; articles, particularly re: aging, [1950-85]; materials and notes re: geriatric rehabilitation (such as orthopedic problems).


photographs of Pearl Gribetz, M.D. (WMC 1930)
PHOTOGRAPHS, ca. 1930    7 photographs
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Seven photographs Pearl Gribetz, M.D. (WMC 1930) showing her student days.

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photograph of eight WMC students
PHOTOGRAPHS c. 1901   
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Eight WMC students.


photographs related to Diana Lewis
a graduate of the WMC Nursing program
PHOTOGRAPHS, c. 1912, c. 1917   
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Nine photographs related to Diana Lewis, a graduate of the WMC Nursing program.


Drs. Maurice Michaels and Pearl Gribetz (WMC 1930)
PHOTOGRAPHS, [c. 1900-70]    9 photographs
Nine 4 x 5 negatives of May Edward Chinn: [c. 1900-70]
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Photo negative related to Mary A. Hipple, M.D   
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Remarks at the Commencement of the Medical College of Pennsylvania   
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completed "Ask the Student" forms   
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VHS tape: Dr.QuinnMedicine Woman: Episode #502 "Having I t All"   
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Valedictory Address by Joseph Longshore, 1851    
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pamphlet: "Elizabeth Blackwell of Bristol: The First Woman Doctor"    
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book: Reflections of a Physician   
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View collection description >

Materials related to the Annual Meeting of the Alumnae/i Association of the Medical College of Pennsylvania   
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Memoirs of Dorothy Case Blechschmidt   
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Materials realted to De Witt Pettit   
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Letter from Elizabeth F. Lewis   
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