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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 2002.

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Manuscript; "Why Support a Woman's Medical College?", 2001
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Gottlieb Collection
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Doris Bartuska Collection
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Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital School of Nursing yearbooks, [1921-35]
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MCP publications, 1990-1992
3 bound volumes of lists of MCP publications, according to department, 1990-92


Materials related to Doris Bartuska, M.D, [1956-2001]
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Harry Gottlieb papers, 1960-1997   3 boxes
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June Klinghoffer papers, 1948-2002   5.0 record cartons
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Dr. Chick's papers, including objects
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Dr. Chick's (WMC 1959) black medical bag with "B. Chick" embossed in gold letters and containing the following: reflex tester, stethoscope (in pieces), rubber hose, tape measure, four unidentified, small instruments; four tongue depressors; three swabs; Parke, Davis & Company six-inch ruler/promotional piece, n.d


materials related to June Klinghoffer, M.D., WMC 1945, [1965-2000]
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Woman's Medical College sweatshirt, 1950, 1950-1950
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WMC sweatshirt "Woman's Medical College Hospital"; white letters surrounding a white caduceus on (faded) red shirt; c. 1950


MCP Hahnemann Records (Women's History Month), 2002-2002
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materials related to an MCP Hahnemann Women's History Month program sponsored by the Archives and Special Collections: audio cassette tape of the program; copies of the original short story from which the script was written; script, adapted by Steven J. Peitzman, M.D.; research materials; program notes; event announcement flyer; March 2002


Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University Records, 1993-1998
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Blue bound meeting minutes and related materials for the Medical College of Pennsylvania, the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University, Allegheny University of the Health Sciences, Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation (AHERF), the Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University Hospital System and Allegheny University Hospitals, 1993-98.


Gene-Ann Polk Papers, [1945-53]
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materials related to Gene-Ann Polk, particularly during her time as a student at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMC 1952).


Elsie Treichler Reedy, 1951 and 1975
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1. WMC 50 year class pin that belonged to Elsie Treichler Reedy, WMC 1901 (pin awarded in 1951); gold tone with image of a female angel and child, name of college and "FORWARD" on the front; the back reads "Elsie T. Reedy, M.D./1901-1951" 2. WMC/MCP pendant with chain gold tone with "MC/MCP/125/1850" and the college seal; these were given to alumnae/i in 1975 in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the college; this belonged to the donor, WMC 1960.


Barbara Schindler Papers
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These items were located in two offices at Queen Lane: the microscope was in Dr. Schindler's office (in the Dean's Office suite) and the scale and the tissue slicer were in Burt Landau's Office (Medical Education). The microscope was given to Dr. Schindler by Leo Cosio, a former staff member, who had come upon it somewhere in the building. No one knows how the other two items came to be in Dr. Landau's office. Dr. Schindler offered these items for use in the Queen Lane exhibition which opened May 17, 2002. She has decided that they should become part of the Archives collections and so has donated them to the Archives.


Medical objects donated for exhibition
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1. book Homeopathic Drug Picture. 2. silver case for hypodermic needles. 3. long needle syringe. 4. hand-held mirror instrument. 5. set of scalpels in wood box. 6. forceps. 7. oval French purse case for case of needles. 8. silver oval case containing needles. 9. glass and metal syringe.


Materials related the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) fraternity, [1956-96]
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Wood box containing seven small brass weights, numbered metal tabs (in mgs) a small brush and a broken slide


MCP Hahnemann Ephemera
1 white ceramic mug with the MCP Hahnemann seal in gold and blue and "MCP Hahnemann" printed beneath the seal in blue.2 short, clear glass with the MCP Hahnemann seal in gold and "MCP Hahnemann" printed beneath the seal in gold.3 Lee Casual Collection blue oxford shirt with "MCP Hahnemann/School of Medicine" embroidered over the pocket, size Small.


Margaret Gray Wood Collection, 1987-1997
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Materials related to AHERF and its affiliations with MCP and Hahnemann


Maude Abbott in Philadelphia, 2002-2002


Materials related to Mechteld C. van Hardenbroek (aka Sears), M.D. and her work in Libya and Colorado, particularly in high altitude sickness and environmentally-caused illnesses, [1937-2000]
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Gross anatomy lab
(c. 1900), sepia-colored copy print of a gross anatomy lab in use, complete with numerous students and cadavers, c. 1900; there are seven women in the photograph; the place and people are not identified.


The Face of America: Distaff Doctors
c. 1959, "The Face of America" column, titled "Distaff Doctors"; describes the two photographs (one large, one small) of thirteen members of the Woman's Med class of 1959 assisting an injured child; this was likely from a national magazine, such as The Saturday Evening Post; it is framed in a simple wood frame.


Agnes Gowdy oral history, 2002-2002
videotaped interview of Dr. Agnes Gowdy, WMC 1935; interviewers: Dennis Novak, M.D. and Steven J. Peitzman, M.D.. From Dennis Novak's office, Office of Medical Education.


Materials related to AHERF, [1987-1998]
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LeClair Bissell papers
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see accession file (and accessions 264 and 2001.18)


MCP Hahnemann Flag, 2002-2002
This flag represented , which existed from November 11, 1998 through June 30, 2002. When Drexel University bought the institution after operating it since November of 1998, it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Drexel. The name was dropped and it became Drexel University, College of Medicine on July 1, 2002. This flag, which was flown at the Queen Lane Campus until June 30, 2002, was then transferred to the Archives.


New Profiles from Unpublished Sources, 1997-1997
New Profiles from Unpublished Sources, C.N. Parchure, et al, eds., 1997


Materials related to women in medicine, collected by the donor, [1853-1879]
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administrative materials related to WMC/MCP, Hahnemann and Allegheny, [1990-1998]
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Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Skit Night photographs, 1966-1966
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These photographs capture some of Skit Night, 1966. Skit Night an annual event - the student body's send-up of life at Woman's Med.


Materials related to Mechteld Van Hardenbroek, M.D., [1970-1985]


Materials related to Doris Bartuska, M.D., 1956, 2002
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Materials related to AHERF, Drexel and Tenet, [1993-1999]
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Materials related to AMWA's 2002 Hall of Fame Gala, 2002
This was AMWA's second annual Gala, which honors women physicians posthumously, as well as some contemporary women physicians. The 2002 posthumous inductees included Elizabeth Blackwell, Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Susan La Flesche Picotte, and Anandibai Joshi. The contemporary inductees were Antonia C. Novello and M. Jocelyn Elders.


Materials related to Anne Cummings, M.D., [1991-97]
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Anne Cummings, M.D. was Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, Division of General Internal Medicine.


Materials related to Edith Petrie Brown, M.D., [1915-84]
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Materials collected by the Provost's Office   [1993-2002]
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materials related to the Admissions Office, 1994-97
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Drexel University mug, c. 2002


Materials related to LeClair Bissell, M.D., [1950-2002]   2.5 ln.ft.
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Materials related to Florence Haseltine, M.D., [1968-2002] (bulk 1986-2002)
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Materials related to Alton Sutnick, M.D., [1958-2002]
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materials related to AHERF, [1993-98] and to Allegheny General Hospital [1977-89], [1977-98]
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June Klinghoffer dedication video


Anne H. Patterson, M.D.   1.0 folders
Anne H. Patterson, M.D. compiled by the donor, a descendent (grandson); this is a geneology-focused biography of Patterson, an 1891 graduate of Woman's Medical College of Baltimore and a long-time medical missionary at Suchien, China; includes images.


Materials related to Catherine C. Robinson, a 1935 graduate of The Hospital of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania's Nurses Training School, 1935-1939
yearbook - Fidelitus, 1935 (see nursing yearbook collection for additional copies); .2abgold and garnet necklace with "WCH" and "35, "CCR" is inscribed on the back.3 a class ring, also gold and garnet with "35, and "CCR" inscribed inside.4 WMCH School of Nursing pin, gold tone with gray and red cross enamel.5 American National Red Cross Nurses pin, gold tone with red, white and blue enamel.6-19 photographs of Catherine Robinson, classmates and others in the nursery at WMC and other related sites, c. 1935 (these are identified); .20-25 certificate case, red with gold letters reading "Hospital of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania/School of Nursing", contains 2 photos of Robinson on the roof of the nurse's home, 1935, her diploma, her NJ State Board certificate, 1939, form listing her grades on the Board exam, n.d..26Robinson's "Certificate of Pre-Professional Education", 1935.27wood block and brass plate photo printing negative showing a portrait of Catherine Robinson (same portrait in 1935 yearbook, above); .28-29 two photographs of the class of 1935 (one is a graduation portrait).


Materials related to Edith Flower Wheeler, M.D, [1893-1946]
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Materials related to Minerva Buerk, M.D., (WMC 1946), [1930-1988]
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Materials related to Marilyn Pratt, M.D., particularly in relation to the Women's Institute and Health Center, [1975-1993]
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Materials related to Juliet Eshner Nathanson, M.D., [1934-1986]
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W/MCP Alumnae/i Relations Office financial records, 1992-1996
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Materials related to WMC/MCP's Commonwealth Committee/Board and the National Board, [1953-1991]   1.0 document boxes
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Materials related to Doris Bartuska, [1973-1995]
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Materials related to the MCP Development Department, Alumnae/iRelations, [1991-1995]
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Development Dept. (Alumnae/i Relations), 1991-1995
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