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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 2003.

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Oral history collection, 2003, 2003
12 oral history interviews captured on digital video tape (DVDCAM): Lila Kroser, Louise Schnaufer, Donna Brooks, Walter Cohen, Burt Landau, Gene-Ann Polk, June Klinghoffer, Margaret Gray Wood, Doris Bartuska, Gail forster, Barbara Chick. Collection includes VHS copies of digital video tape interviews, and audio tape copies of sound portion of interviews; there are also 7 additional VHS copies of some of the interviews. These were made for interview subjects that had requested them; one raw transcription (verbatim, with no editing) is also included: Gail forster .


Materials related to Dr. Sutnick, [1958-2002]
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Videotape: tour of Queen Lane exhibition by TJ Dixon and Joanne Grossman, opening reception and remarks for exhibition, 2002
Videotape: tour of Queen Lane exhibition by TJ Dixon and Joanne Grossman, opening reception and remarks for exhibition, May 17, 2002.


Materials related to Rose Hartmann, M.D. (WMC 1957) and her extended family, [1857-2001]   2.5 document boxes
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MWIA materials
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Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (pilot), 1993
Videotape: Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman (pilot for the television series), 1993 (air date); 1 hour and 40 minutes


Materials related to Agnes Gowdey, M.D., [1932-56]   0.15 ln. Ft.
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Faculty Group Practice/Drexel University banner, c. 2000
Banner: nylon, gold lettering on blue field: "/Faculty Group Practice/Drexel University" and dragon logo.


Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania records, 1968 and 1970
.1 Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae Directory, 1970.2 The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae News, May 1968 Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae Directory, 1970.2 The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Alumnae News, May 1968.


ourney to Leadership Profiles of Women Leaders in Public Health, 2001


Doors of Opportunity Some Women and Med of the Woman's Medical College videotape, 2003
Video tape Dr. Peitzman's lecture, "Doors of Opportunity Some Women and Med of the Woman's Medical College"; delivered on Feb. 27, 2003 at the University of Pittsburgh to the C.F. Reynolds Medical History Society; centers mainly on the lives and careers of three 19th century graduates of WMC: Mary Willits (1881), Frances Van Gasken (1890) and Ellen James Patterson (1898).


Alton Sutnick mixed materials, 1985 and 2003   1.0 objects


Medical College of Pennsylvania commencement program, 2003
Commencement program: Commencement Ceremony, May 16, 2003, The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Materials related to Margaret Gray Wood, M.D. and Allegheny Health, Education and Research Foundation (AHERF),, [1989-97]   2.5 ln. Ft.
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How Medical History Helped Me (Almost) Love a V.A. Hospital, [2001-2003
"How Medical History Helped Me (Almost) Love a V.A. Hospital", prepared for Historians at the Bedside, an anthology being compiled and edited by Jacquelyn Duffin, MD, PhD, for Oxford University Press, by Steven J. Peitzman, MD, 2003.2 "Pioneering Otolaryngologists of The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1883-1900", by Mary C. Davies.


Medical College of Pennsylvania Records, [1992-95]
2 copies of the Medical College of Pennsylvania/Medical College Hospitals Telephone Directory, 1994; Medical College of Pennsylvania Telephone Directory Supplement, 1992; Telephone Extensions For Center and Library Staff, 1995; "MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine/1848/1850" patch - black letters and dates on white field with blue caduceus (circle shape), n.d., c. 1995


Drexel Christmas ornament, 2002
Christmas ornament with seal; ball ornament, blue with gold seal, c. 2002; .2: as above, gold with blue seal, c. 2002


Materials related to the American Medical Women's Association Third Annual International Women in Medicine Hall of Fame Dinner, 2003
Program (3 copies) and copy of remarks made throughout the event re each woman honored Doris Bartuska (WMC 1954), Jane Desforges, Elizabeth Ingram Adamson, Martha Mae Eliot, Louise D. Larimore (WMC 1915), Alma Dea Morani (WMC 1931), Barbara Stimson; each honoree was the first woman board certified in her specialty.


Object: microscope, c. 1935
Object:microscope in wood box with lenses and booklet:a: wood box: key opens door to box; "Williams, Brown & Earle, Inc./Scientific Instruments/Philadelphia" on metal plate at top near handle; metal handle and hinges; lens storage area in inside of door has space to hold seven lenses; fittings on the door provide a place to hold the bookletb: booklet: "The Microscope: It's Construction, Use and Care", Spencer Lens Company, Buffalo, NY, 1935 (microscope pictured is almost exactly like the one in the box)c: lens and cases: one lens (6X), a metal case for a 1.8mm lens and a plastic lens case are fitted into the lens storage area in the box d: microscope: "Williams, Brown & Earle Inc./Phila." on metal plate at base; "Property of Woman's Medical College of Penna/Dermatology" on red plate at base; four lenses on microscope.


DVD minicam digital video tapes and VHS duplicates of oral history interviews, 2003
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Medical College of Pennsylvania Records, 1994-1997
Student Handbook, MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine, Volume I, 1996-97.2: Student Handbook, Medical College of Pennsylvania Track/Consolidated Track, 1995-96.3: Senior Electives Catalog, Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1994-95.


June Klinghoffer Papers, 2003
2 notes to Dr. Klinghoffer from former students, Mary Simmonds (MCP 1975) and Doris Bartuska (WMC 1954) and one photograph of Klinghoffer and Simmonds.


Drexel University Office of Faculty Affairs Records, 1994-1998
Reference manual from the Office of Faculty Affairs: contains policies used for appointments, promotions and tenure, 1994-98.


Medical College of Pennsylvania Records - nursing photographs, [c. 1905-73]
Notes: 26 of the 38 photographs have Archives "P" numbers on them, and were missing from the Archives since at least 1978. It seems that these photographs were given "P" numbers, probably by Ida Draeger, the librarian who maintained historic materials. The Archives was formally established in 1977. Shortly thereafter, someone must have noticed that these images, though noted in Ida's card catalog, were missing. There was a note on each card to this effect. The photos have now been returned, 25 years later - or more, and are now part of this accession. Some are oversized and so are housed with other oversized material.


Medical College of Pennsylvania Records, [1979-98] (bulk 1990s)
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Object:Faculty minutes, Middle States accreditation materials and related items


Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine, 2002-2003
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Queen Lane Library, Interdisciplinary Foundations of Medicine (IFM) curriculum modules


Woman's Hospital of Pennsylvania photographs, 2003
Brick building that was the last location of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia.2 close up view of the front of the brick building that was the last location of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia, showing the door with "The Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia" over it.3 side view of the brick building that was the last location of the Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia.4 view of a mural painted on the old Woman's Hospital of Philadelphia building, showing Ann Preston at the top.


American Medical Women's Association Records, 2003
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AMWA's Third Annual International Women in Medicine Hall of Fame Dinner program, remarks and six photographs re This event honored women who were first to become board certified in their specialties. Six women were honored Doris Bartuska - endocrinology (WMC 1954), Jane Desforges - hematology, Elizabeth Ingram Adamson - psychiatry, Martha May Eliot - public health, Louise Larimore - pathology (WMC 1915), Alma Dea Morani - plastic and reconstructive surgery (WMC 1931). program, remarks and six photographs.


Coal Miners' Doctor, 2003
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Coal Miners' Doctor by Rita A. Mariotti, M.D.; autobiographical account of the author's work at a United Mine Workers of America hospital in eastern Kentucky.


Rose Hartmann Collection
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Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation [AHERF] Records, 1997-1998
During 1997-98, the Archives reported to the AHERF development department, and the director was required to attend "key prospect" meetings. These meetings brought development officers together to strategize about fundraising opportunities. The materials in this collection were distributed at these meetings. AHERF declared bankruptcy on July 21, 1998.


Medical College of Pennsylvania / Hahnemann records, 1992-1999
Class photographs, 1993-97; class schedules, 1997-99; Program for Integrated Learning (PIL) Resource Guidebooks, 1992-97; Block I Resource Material, n.d., c. 1992


Materials related to LeClair Bissell, M.D., [1956-2003] (bulk, 1970s and 80s)   1.25 ln. ft.
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Why Support a Women's Medical College? Philadelphia's Early Male Medical Pro-Feminists, 1956-2003   1.0 folders


National Board of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, [1974-2003]   0.2 ln. Ft.


Dr. Wallis and AMWA papers, [1981-98]   13.75 ln. ft.
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Cora Clinkscales Lenox papers, [1908-99] (bulk 1960s-90s)   1.0 ln. ft.
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Also included are: numerous award objects, certificates and some books. Dr. Lenox attended WMC in 1929, dropped out to become a missionary to China, earned an M.D. there, and earned an American M.D. by finishing at WMC in 1948.


MCP Commonwealth Board and National Board, [1974-99]   0.2 ln. ft..
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LeClair Bissell Papers, [1963-2003]   0.83 ln. Ft.
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Lila Wallis Collection
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materials related to Alton Sutnick, M.D., [1967-2000] (bulk 1980s)
Certificate in blue case re Sutnick's visiting professorship at the University of Belgrade, then Yugoslavia, 1988; video tape of Carelift International television piece, 2003; presentation certificate International Conference of Medical Education, 2000; postcard re Sutnick's role in discovery of Australia Antigen, 1997; published announcements, [1997-99]; course certificate, 1967; photographs [1967-2000]


Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University School of Medicine records, 1995
Curriculum plan: "Medical College of Pennsylvania and Hahnemann University School of Medicine: Goals of the Undergraduate Medical Student Curriculum".


Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital drawing, 1986
Print: black on white ink drawing of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital: "The Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania/Philadelphia/Founded 1850"; artist name at right: Betty Heiges, '86.


Materials related to Florence Haseltine, M.D., NIH Director, [1990-2004]
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Women in Medicine speech by Dr. Ann Arnold, 1977   1.0 folders
speech given by Dr. Ann Arnold at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, May 2, 1977, Toronto, Canada: Women in Medicine.


Pennsylvania Statutes Relating to the Founding and Change of Name of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania/copied 2/28/47 from Dean's Office records secured by W.H. Robinson, Esq. from original sources
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Student American Medical Association (SAMA), MCP chapter, [1964-1973]
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