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TRUAX, Rhoda, PAPERS, [1951 - 1953].    2.5 ln. ft.
Typed, edited manuscript of Truax's book, The Doctor's Jacobi, concerning Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi. Correspondence, [1951-1953], about the book from Marjorie McAneny and other members of the Jacobi family, and other friends and reviewers.


MILLICAN, Edith, M.D., Letters, [1943 - 1948].    16 letters
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Sixteen typed letters from Millican describing her activities during her medical missionary service in China.

ALSOP, Gulielma Fell, M.D., PAPERS, [1945 - 1951].    1 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, [1945-1950], with Richard Shryock, William G. Leaman, and others about the history of women in medicine; correspondence, 1949-1950, with Ida J. Draeger, Catharine Macfarlane, M.D., and Ellen C. Potter, M.D. about Alsop's work on The History of the Woman's Medical College: 1850-1950; and correspondence, 1950-1951, of Alsop, Draeger, and the J.B. Lippincott Co. concerning the publication of the History, with handwritten notes and corrections, and source references; carbon copy of first draft of history; and page proofs for book. Chronological outlines of WMC history, and outlines for preparation of the history. Reviews and order forms for book.

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Two typed manuscripts: "The Romance of Germs and the Conquest of Bacteria" and "The Relation of Birth Control to Insanity." Also two pages of a third typed manuscript concerning a case of adenocarcinoma.


STONE, Hannah M., M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1936    1 ms. (3 pp.)
Typed autographed manuscript entitled "Birth Control and the Woman Physician" by Stone, Medical Director of the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, New York, New York.


POYNTER, Lida, PAPERS, [ca. 1850 - 1946]    30 ln. ft.
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Typed (unpublished) manuscript on the life of Mary Edwards Walker, M.D., by Poynter. Contains correspondence collected by Poynter by and about Walker, and approximately 12, 000 sheets of notes and newsclippings.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection.
Additional materials: photographs.

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DEWEY, Barbara, MANUSCRIPT, 1949    1 ms. (4 pp.)
Typed manuscript of excerpts from a paper on Lydia Rabinowitsch-Kempner, M.D., by Dewey, University of Michigan.

LONGSHORE FAMILY, PAPERS, [1819 - 1902]    3 in.
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Papers of the Longshore family, active in medicine in Pennsylvania. Autobiographical and biographical sketches of Hannah E. Myers Longshore, M.D., member of the first graduating class of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania and first woman to establish a medical practice in Philadelphia; fragment of a letter; speech describing some of her early experiences as a physician; miscellaneous clippings and announcements. Biography of Joseph Skelton Longshore, M.D., brother-in-law of H.E.M. Longshore, describing his activities in the founding of the Female Medical College and the Penn Medical University; letter, 1834, to his brother Thomas Ellwood Longshore; obituary. Autobiography of T.E. Longshore, husband of H.E. M. Longshore, which focuses on the life of his wife; small amount of correspondence, 1850, 1893; history of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, by T.E. Longshore, with accompanying notes and letters.

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History of the School, which was founded in Chicago in 1870 as the Woman's Hospital Medical College. Minutes, 1870, of the Board of Trustees, containing By-Laws which state that the School's trustees worked "in connection with" the Hospital trustees. Minutebooks, 1871-1902, of the general faculty, and of its executive committee meetings, with miscellaneous inserts, including reports from the Board of Trustees, committees, etc. In 1877, the School incorporated under the name of Woman's Medical College of Chicago, and in 1892, the School merged with Northwestern University to become Northwestern University Woman's Medical School. List of School alumnae, occasionally noting year of retirement, to 1913. Complete survey forms, 1914, of the alumnae, including name and address, date of graduation, hospital appointments, specialty, publications, etc. Biographical sketches of students and alumnae. Revised Constitution and By-Laws of the Alumnae Association; minute book, [(1881-1902)-1921]. Correspondence, 1890, of Eliza H. Root, concerning fundraising for a memorial bust of William H. Byford. Notes and a list of subscriptions for a Wadsworth memorial. Contract, 1896, and notes and manuscript for the Alumnae History. By-Laws, (n.d.), and letters, 1907, recording the dissolution of the Woman's Clinical Dispensary of Northwestern University. Correspondence, [1894-1911], concerning the School's library, named the Charles Warrington Earle Memorial Library; list of holdings, Biblioteca Femina, 1947, of Northwestern University Library. Published annual announcements of the School, 1873-1890; and information circulars, 1896-1901.Additional materials: photographs, engravings

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GOWING, Jean, M.D., PAPERS, [1914 - (1950 - 1976)]    5 ln. ft.
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Record, 1925, of Gowing's work as a student at WMC, and letters of recommendation, 1925, for applying for internships. Miscellaneous correspondence, [1936-1976], with her classmates from WMC's Class of 1926. Scattered minutes, reports, and correspondence reflecting Gowing's activities with the Alumnae Association, [1950-1974], including concern about differential treatment for female faculty members, 1966; the admission of male medical students to the College, [1968-1969]; and the selection of a new College president, 1971. Correspondence and related materials, [1962-1969], reflecting Gowing's activities as alumnae representative to WMC's Committee on Admission Policies which discussed the admission of male medical students. Minutes, reports, correspondence, and notes from Gowing's work as a staff pediatrician, and from her activities on a variety of WMC hospital committees. Correspondence, notes, lecture outlines, examination questions, [1948-1970], from Gowing's teaching of pediatrics at WMC. Miscellaneous materials concerning Gowing's appointment as Acting Medical Director of WMC, 1952. Scattered patient records, [1914-1928], from the Gaston/Gowing office. Minutes, notes, correspondence, program announcements, and other materials, [1950-1973], relating to AMWA. Correspondence, notes programs, [1937-1974], of the Medical Women's International Association including a copy of a paper and related materials for Gowing's lecture presentation on trisomy at the 1962 meeting.

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Oral History Collection on Women in Medicine, NON-TEXTUAL, 1977-1979     159 audio cassettes, 12 ln. ft.
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Audio tapes, transcripts, collateral material and office files related to interview project with 43 physicians and medical students. Transcripts are indexed individually and collectively.

For list of subjects interviewed, see Oral History page.


INSINGER, Anne, MANUSCRIPT, 1974    1 ms. (27 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript (second draft) of the Medical College of Pennsylvania history for the Philadelphia County Medical Society Bicentennial issue. The author, Insinger, states that the account is an updated version of Pioneer--Pacesetter--Innovator: The Story of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Newcomen Society, 1971.


ALSOP, Gulielma Fell, M.D., MANUSCRIPT, ca. 1950    1 ms. (9 pp.), 2 letters
Typed manuscript entitled "Clara Marshall, Dean" by Alsop. Also two letters (from Anne Vauclain and Alice L. Miller), containing information on Marshall.

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SHRYOCK, Richard Harrison, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1950    1 ms. (22 pp.)
Carbon copy of typed manuscript entitled "Women in American Medicine" by Shryock. Presented at the centenary of the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 14 April 1950. Later published in Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, 5:9 (September 1950), pp. 371-379.


MADISON, Miriam Clarke, PAPERS, [1950 - 1960]    15 letters
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Correspondence, mostly concerning social matters, to Madison from Eleanor Taylor Calverley, M.D., first woman physician to practice in Kuwait. One letter from Egypt discusses nutritional matters.


FAY, Marion Spencer, Ph.D., PAPERS   
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Reprints, photographs, academic gown; correspondence regarding Catherine Macfarlane's use of radium; correspondence regarding Gulielma Fell Alsop and other WMC alumnae.

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Printed Constitution and By-Laws, [1937-1947], of this women's medical society, founded in 1917 as the Medical Women's National Association. Miscellaneous correspondence, [1946-1948], concerning the establishment of a Medical Women's Library at WMC. The bulk of the collection is comprised of materials which were to form a part of this Library, including: bibliographies, [1932-1956], of women in medicine; biographical information about medical women; published material on women's and co-educational medical schools, medical women's organizations (including AWH and MWIA), non-medical women's organizations, hospitals organized by women, medical women missionaries, papers by women physicians, women in the armed forces, and women's political issues; and catalog cards to the book collection. Miscellaneous materials include scattered reports, minutes, and correspondence, [1917-1978], of AMWA Branches in Maryland, Michigan, and Philadelphia. Correspondence and notes, [1944-1950], mostly of Bertha Eugenia Loveland Selmon, M.D., regarding the Medical Woman's Journal, published by AMWA. Scrapbooks reflecting AMWA activities.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection Additional materials: photographs, books.


GUBISH, Nancy Jane, M.D., PAPERS, [1935 - 1973]    2.5 in.
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Miscellaneous biographical material about Gubish, including her elementary school autobiography; small amount of official medical correspondence; song, with lyrics and music by Gubish.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection Additional materials: diplomas, certificates, awards, photographs, reprints.

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NOBLE, Mary Riggs, M.D., PAPERS, [1910 - 1955]    17 items
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Letters, 1910, to Noble from WMC graduates working as missionaries and practicing in India; school diplomas, awards, and certificates honoring Noble's work in public health; and clippings about her missionary work in India.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection Additional materials: photographs, reprints


POTTER, Ellen Culver (WMC 1903), PAPERS, [1903-1953]    4 in., 14 photographs
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Dr. Potter practiced obstetrics and gynecology and was Director of the Hospital of WMC from 1918-1920. The papers include correspondence between Potter and Gladys Daskam (1949-1954), manuscripts by Potter and others; reprints; speeches and presentations; and photographs.

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