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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 261-280.

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COPPERMAN, Gertrude (WMC, 1949), NON-TEXTUAL, 1985   2 audio cassettes
Oral history interview with Copperman regarding her student days at WMC and practicing as a physician in the 1940s and 1950s. Interview was conducted by Sandra Chaff and Jill Gates Smith, Archives' staff; no transcript available.


RENKERT, Elizabeth, M.D., [1984 - 1985]   1.5 ln. ft.
Original drawings by Renkert for publication in medical journals. Copies of the Berks County Medical Record, in which the drawings appear.


"Women in Philadelphia Medicine", NON-TEXTUAL   1 3/4" video tape
Video tape, "Women in Philadelphia medicine: Profiles of Drs. Alma Dea Morani and Katharine Sturgis." Produced by Sandra Chaff and Josephine Stamm.

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Bissell, LeClair PAPERS
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TOGASAKI, Yoshiye, PAPERS, ca. 1985   1" & 2 audio cassettes
Oral history interview with Dr. Togasaki conducted by Lois Scully, M.D. Photographs and C.V. of Togasaki.


WMC/MCP: Registrar, RECORDS, 1921-1975   4 ln. ft.
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Files of deceased alumnae maintained by the Registrar of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, graduation dates 1932-1975. Individual files include admission applications, faculty evaluations, and grades, 1932-1975.


JOHNSON, Eleanor, PAPERS, [1890 - 1927]   3 in.
Letters and notes to S. Weir Mitchell, M.D., from Gertrude Biddle, Joseph Leidy, M.D.; letters from S. Weir Mitchell to W. S. Thayer, M.D., George G. Davidson, Esq., Martin W. Berry, M.D., Dr. A. V. Allen, and Joseph Leidy, M.D. Copies of correspondence between S. Weir Mitchell and John S. Billings, M.D., sent by New York Public Library to Talcott Williams. Other correspondence from John K. Mitchell to W. S. Thayer, M.D., and Talcott Williams; from Anne K. Mitchell to Joseph F. Randolph, Esq. Miscellaneous correspondence regarding collecting S. W. Mitchell letters.

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materials related to the President’s Office and the Board of Corporators of WMC/MCP, and AHERF (Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation) and FRANCIS, Vida Hunt, RECORDS, 1945-73, 1988   8.5 ln. ft.
Minutes reports, correspondence, financial records [1922-1941], reflecting Francis' role as secretary to the Corporation from 1922-1934 and Vice President from 1935-1940. Records concerning the reorganization of the College, appointment of Margaret Craighill as Dean; other correspondence to and from Dr. Chevalier Jackson, Dr. Ellen C. Potter, Sarah Logan Wister Starr, and Donald Price; and financial material on the Henry Avenue site for the College. Collection of programs, tickets, and announcements, [1930-1945], reflecting WMC and Board activities.Materials related to the President’s Office and the Board of Corporators of WMC/MCP, and AHERF (Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation): 1945-73, 1988. Minutes of the Board of Corporators and Executive and Finance Committee, c. 1945-73; Mission Planning Council records, c. 1969-71; Executive Planning Council records, c. 1971; Organizational Planning Council, c. 1971; CPA Annual Examination Reports, c. 1950-1978; 1 bound volume of the Affiliation between Allegheny Health Services, Inc. and the Medical College of Pennsylvania (Closed April 27, 1988). Also, one framed aeriel view of WMC/MCP; desk lamp.

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STEPHENSON, Ruth, M.D., PAPERS, [1933 - 1970]   6 in.
Correspondence, 1939, to and from Margaret T. Corwin, dean of New Jersey College for Women.

Additional materials: photographs memorabilia, reprints.


MORROW, Laura, M.D., PAPERS, [1965 - 1985]   12 ln. ft.
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Large portion of collection consists of files and conference materials related to AMWA, MWIA, AWHS, [1965-1985]; miscellaneous correspondence, and speeches of Morrow, who practiced as a psychiatrist and neurologist in Passaic, New Jersey.Additional materials: photographs, paintings, medical instruments, memorabilia, reprints, clippings


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Minutes of meetings of the Association, 1917-1975; correspondence with officers of MWIA, including Esther Pohl Lovejoy, M.D., the association's first president, and Alma Dea Morani, M.D., United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations, Social Economic, and Cultural Organization (UN-ECOSOC); files on congresses held in Austria, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Equador, Egypt, Finland, Federal Republic of Germany, France, Ghana, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, 1919-1974.

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FLORENCE, Rosemarie S., PAPERS, [1952-1954]   1 in.
Photographs, newsclippings, and commencement programs saved by Florence during her tenure as a secretary in the Registrar's Office at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania.


O'BRIEN, Patricia, R.N., MANUSCRIPT, 1986   l ms. [25 pp.]
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "The Invention of Modern Nursing: The Philadelphia Experience 1830-1885" by O'Brien. Written for a course at the University of Pennsylvania.


image of WMC Hospital, NON-TEXTUAL, n.d.   1 painting
Color image of the MCP Hospital, n.d.; the painting is done in the “eglomise” style (reverse glass painting), and was one of many colleges, universities, law schools and medical schools in the Classic University Series to be offered for sale by Eglomise Designs, Inc. in Watertown, MA. It is mounted in a wood frame painted silver. The painting includes the name of the college as “Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania”, so it was done before the name was changed in 1970. Additional materials include sales brochures.

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materials related to Carmen Thomas, M.D., WMC 1932, PHOTOGRAPHS, [1941-1966]   16 photographs
16 photographs, currently located among the “uncataloged photos by accession number”, show WMC opening exercises, alumnae and commencement events and include images of June Klinghoffer, Eva Fox, Ann Pike, Ann Gray Taylor, Katharine Boucot Sturgis, Marion Fay, Catharine Macfarlane, Irene Maher, Hartwig Kuhlenbeck, George Hay, Jean Crump, Robert G. Torrey, and Glen Leymaster and others; additional materials include academic regalia, reprints, newsclippings, a clinic pass, a matriculation card, rules for interns booklet, commencement programs, correspondence, and transcripts.


biographical sketch of Joseph Skelton Longshore, M.D.
MANUSCRIPT, 1986   academic regalia and 1 ln. ft.
This brief sketch outlines the life of Dr. Longshore,, a founder of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania, and was apparently intended for the National Cyclopedia of American Biography. Author and date unknown.

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Maurice Clifford, M.D., PAPERS, 1968-1986    3 ln.ft. and multiple framed items, plaques, and memorabilia
The materials describe the work of Dr. Clifford in his years as a physician and professor at WMC/MCP and later as President of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1979-85 (He was the first African-American in the nation to become president of a mostly white medical school.) Materials include correspondence, memoranda and clippings related to his work as an MCP physician, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, and Vice-President of Medical Affairs; similar materials cover his appointment as President, his inauguration, his work with staff and committees, and his retirement. Also included are: commencement materials; materials related to the exhibition Send Us a Lady Physician; Dateline MCP, 1986 (general MCP clippings collection); publications containing articles by and about Dr. Clifford; honorary degree for Katharine Boucot Sturgis; 22 photographs, including some with dignitaries such as Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale and Ann Landers; academic regalia; books; plaques; scrapbook; certificates; memorabilia.

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audio taped radio interview regarding African-American women physicians, NON-TEXTUAL, c. 1986   1 audio tape
Sound recording of WNYC AM 83 interviewer, Carrie Carmichael, speaking on-air with Margaret Jerrido, an Archives staff member who spearheaded the Black Women Physicians Project. The project was intended to gather information about black women physicians and their experiences as black women doctors.


“C. Marion Kohn (1884-1969): The Most Caring Person I Ever Met”, MANUSCRIPT, 1985   32 pages
Photocopied material related to Rebecca Fleisher, M.D., 1907. The paper by Lily Schwartz was written in fulfillment of a college history course, and includes a brief mention of Rebecca Fleisher, M.D., an 1886 graduate of Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, who founded the Industrial Home for Jewish Girls. There are two photocopied pages of material regarding the building of a solarium for the Jewish Hospital Association in memory of Dr. Fleisher. Use of the manuscript is restricted: permission must be obtained from the author.

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