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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 301-320.

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materials related to June Klinghoffer, M.D.
PAPERS, [1958-1988]   2.5 in.
June Klinghoffer, WMC 1945, was on the faculty of WMC/MCP in the Department of Medicine since 1948. Citation for Dorothea Daniels Glass, M.D., MCP commencement, 1987; memorial for Katharine Boucot Sturgis, M.D., WMC Board of Corporators meeting, 1987; address: “Leadership for the 21st Century”, MCP symposium, 1988; WMC personnel list, 1958; materials re: awards, 1987; curriculum vitae, 1974; blank Department of Medicine exams, 1958-70 (some are faculty copies with answers provided.)


“The Strange Career of Dr. Mary Dixon-Jones: A Study in Thwarted Ambition”
MANUSCRIPT, n.d.   30 pages
This paper by Regina Morantz-Sanchez explores the career of Dixon-Jones, WMC 1875. Dixon-Jones was involved in a dispute over the quality of care provided at the woman’s hospital she founded in Brooklyn, NY, especially in regard to gynecological surgery.


materials related to D. Walter Cohen, D.D.S.
PAPERS, c. 1987   4 ln. ft.
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D. Walter Cohen became President of MCP in 1986, and later held the position of Chancellor through the Allegheny University of the Health Sciences years. The collection includes: materials re: Founders’ Day events, Cohen’s inauguration and attendant events, planning and budget information for his inauguration and events, press clippings and a report related to the exhibition Send Us A Lady Physician: Women Doctors in America, 1835 - 1920. *NOTE: All materials except those related to the exhibition are located in off-site storage at Pierce Leahy in customer box numbers 6255679-81. The Send Us A Lady Physician materials are on-site.

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“Science and Medicine in the Social Construction of Woman: From Aristotle to the Corpus Callosum”
MANUSCRIPT, 1987   34 pages
This paper was presented at the 1987 Kate Hurd-Mead Lecture by Ruth Bleier. She explores the ways in which science and medicine have been used since Aristotle’s time to support the notion of female inferiority.


"I have some pictures you might like...’: The Photograph Album of a Nineteenth Century Woman Medical Student”
MANUSCRIPT, 1987   81 pages
This master’s thesis by Jill Gates Smith, examines the photo album of Laura Heath Hills, an 1896 WMC graduate. (The photo album is also in the collections, accession 126, aka MS57.) The author discusses the use of photographs in research, and specifically, the images in the album as they describe the lives of women medical students at WMC in the late nineteenth century, with a particular focus on lesbianism.


materials related to Reva KING, Ruth TICHAUER, M.D. and SERVAS INTERNATIONALl
PAPERS, [1973-1987].   2.5 in.
Reva King was the President of Servas International, an organization devoted to creating a network of support for people who assist the poor in foreign countries in a variety of ways, including medical help. General correspondence, largely between King and Ruth Tichauer, M.D., Bolivian National Secretary for Servas International, 1980-87; clippings and other materials re: Servas International and Ruth Tichauer, M.D., [1973-1987]

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Archives Tour at MCP
NON-TEXTUAL, 1987   1 audio tape
This is a sound recording of a tour of the Archives and Special Collections and historically significant sites at MCP in 1987. The tour was part of the American Association for the History of Medicine’s annual meeting and was led by Regina Morantz-Sanchez.


materials related to Clara HORNER-RODGER, M.D., WMC 1912
PAPERS, 1912   
Graduation photograph of Dr. Horner-Rodger and a 60th Annual Commencement Program for her graduation from WMC.


“An Analysis of Productivity of Nontenured Faculty Women: Some Preliminary Findings Based on the Faculty Cohort Studies”
MANUSCRIPT, 1985   27 pages
This study, by Barbara Feldt of the Office of Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan, was one in a series of studies that “have explored the reasons for lower rates of promotion and retention of women and minorities and have attempted to identify areas where changes might be made to improve these rates. “ This study focused on the medical school at the University of Michigan. Not to be quoted without the author’s permission.

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materials related to Dorothy WHIPPLE, M.D.
MANUSCRIPT, [1928-1988]   10 ln. ft. (This does not include the restricted materials.)
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Dorothy Whipple, a pediatrician, graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School about 1925, was a resident at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and eventually became Professor of Pediatrics at Georgetown University Medical School in Washington, D.C. This accession includes: general correspondence, 1948-88; clippings and columns, 1952-60; manuscript of an umpublished book, “Education of a Doctor’s Daughter”; manuscript of an unpublished book “Sex Education”; various published and unpublished manuscripts; correspondence re: publication of Dynamics of Development: Euthenic Pediatrics and Is the Grass Greener?; materials re: a book series on K-12 health education; photographs; materials re: Dr. Whipple’s retirement; published books and pamphlets; materials re: travels; material re: Dr. Whipple’s study of drug use: state hearings, correspondence, articles, clippings, fan mail; materials re: Georgetown Medical School; personal correspondence; some materials not noted here are restricted until 2057.


materials related to oral history interview with Joseph LEIGHTON, M.D.
NON-TEXTUAL, [1951-87]    11 audio tapes and one set of duplicates; 2.5 in.
Joseph Leighton was Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pathology at MCP from 1971-1987. There is no transcription of the audio tapes. Additional materials include: research notes for the interview, lists of questions asked, reprints, photographs, and Dr. Leighton’s C.V.


“Historic Health Related Benefits for Black Philadelphians”
MANUSCRIPT, 1987   2 copies; 51 pages
This master’s thesis by Marilyn Baker Alston, was written in fulfillment of the requirements for the master’s degree in social work at Temple University. The study “examines the historic health care systems for Black Philadelphians” and includes photocopied images.

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moving images of the Gimbel Award
NON-TEXTUAL, 1987-1989   1 film, 3 video tapes
These moving images are in a variety of formats: film, 3/4" video tape and VHS tape, honoring Lynn Hardy Yeakel, Juanita Kidd Stout, and Loretta Podolak Finnegan: 1987, 1988 and 1989 respectively.


materials related to Minerva BUERK, M.D., WMC 1946
PAPERS, 1972, 1987-88   2 clippings, 2 pieces of correspondence, 1 photograph.
Dr. Buerk was a dermatologist in the Philadelphia area. The materials include clippings, correspondence re: Dorothy Macy, M.D., and a photograph of Dr. Buerk and her colleagues at Bryn Mawr Hospital.

See also: oversized Bachrach portrait of Buerk, 1941.


“A Fresh Look at Dr. Frederick Clayton Waite’s Histories of Women Doctors in the 19th Century”
MANUSCRIPT, 1988   15 pages
This manuscript is the text that accompanied a slide show presented by Linda Lehmann Goldstein in 1988. The script discusses Waite’s work on the history of women in medicine, and includes biographical sketches that accompany slides he used in a 1934 lantern slide show on that topic. There is also a list of the twenty slides used in Ms. Goldstein’s presentation.

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video tape related to Marjorie SIRRIDGE, M.D.
NON-TEXTUAL, 1985   1 video tape
Marjorie Sirridge was a professor of medicine in the School of Medicine at the University of Missouri.


materials related to Leila RICHARDS, M.D. and her book The Hills of Sidon: Journal from South Lebanon
PAPERS, 1983-85   2.5 in.
These materials were used in writing the Hills of Sidon by Dr. Richards. Photocopies of Richards’ handwritten diaries, created when she worked in a clinic in Sidon, Lebanon,1983-84; typed transcripts of Richards’ Sidon diaries, 1984-85; Ansar Prison Camp: The Testimony of Two Palestinian Prisoners, a publication by the Palestine Human Rights Campaign, c. 1983; 11 pages of typed accounts from refugees of the Camps War, Beirut, May and June, 1985.


letters to Dolly CHAPMAN
PAPERS,1979, 1986   2 letters
Dolly Chapman (Mrs. William Chapman) was president of the Commonwealth Board of the Medical College of Pennsylvania, a support group for the college. Letter; from someone named Mussells with a return address of Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, to Mrs. Chapman regarding a colloquium in honor of Katharine Boucot Sturgis, October 4, 1979; short note from Katharine Boucot Sturgis to Mrs. Chapman apparently regarding a death, July 7, 1986.


“Medicine and Motherhood”
MANUSCRIPT, 1988   .5 in.
This manuscript by Marilyn Heins, M.D. was presented with slides at the 1988 Kate Hurd Mead lecture. Heins postulates “that medicine and motherhood were harder in 1988 than in the past and that the contemporary woman physician has a tough job if she chooses to Combine medicine and motherhood, as most do.” The manuscript includes a bibliography and a facsimile of the slides used.

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