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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 321-340.

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materials related to Tessie Tricker
PAPERS, 1944, 1961, 1965   .25 in.
Tessie Tricker was the telephone operator at WMC from 1926-66. Collection includes two issues of “The PBX Call”, 1944 and 1961: the 1944 issue contains an article, “On Alert at the Hospitals” and pictures Ms. Tricker. She is also pictured and featured in the 1961 issue in an article titled “PBX Personalities.” A 1965 issue of “Thermometer”, the WMC Hospital staff publication, pictures Ms. Tricker in a section showing staff honorees.


materials related to Martha Dunn Corey, M.D., WMC 1879
PAPERS, [1875 -1926]    2.5 in., 1 metal cash box, 1 large flat item (diploma)
High school commencement invitation, c. 1875; correspondence to Corey from Cordelia Greene, Corey’s preceptor and founder of the Castile Sanatorium, 1877, 1879, 1900; letter to Corey from Beatrice Harraden, 1896; letter to Corey from her son, Dunnleigh, n.d.; 2 letters to Corey from her adoptive mother, 1880; general correspondence, 1880, 1886, 1887, 1889, 1900, 1907; letter to Corey from S. Weir Mitchell, n.d.; letter to Corey from Rachel Bodley, 1883; clippings, 1926; legal documents: driver’s license, 1920, marriage certificate, 1888, Baptist Church membership, 1877, Certificate of Redemption of Real Estate Purchased by the State, 1888-89, WMC diploma, 1879; blank stationary from places in Great Britain; ship’s passenger list, 1887; receipts; promissory note, 1888; prescription, 1926; expense lists; blood chemistry lab results; lock of blond hair; wallet; tweezer-like instrument; small shell; three small glass beads; very worn coin; 12 images; Valentine with envelope and note; lock of light brown hair; metal cash box ; medical instruments (It is likely that these belonged to Dr. Corey, but the provenance is unclear.)


materials related to Hartwig Kuhlenbeck, M.D.
MULTIPLE FORMATS, [1798-1983]   217.5 ln. ft.
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Dr. Kuhlenbeck was a long-time member of the WMC/MCP faculty. He was a professor of anatomy and later neurology, from 1935 to 1971. This large collection (174 record cartons) includes: correspondence; manuscripts, 1913-54; diaries, 1914-18, 36-41, 47-50, 51-54, 57-63; day books, [1927-65]; approximately 500 books (and multi-volume sets) in German, Japanese, English, and French, largely related to medicine and philosophy, including Kuhlenbeck’s own publications, [1798-1983]; journals; reprints; WMC publications; personal papers of Mrs. Kuhlenbeck (Ozelia): materials related to WMC’s Women’s Auxiliary, 1948-62, draft publications, correspondence, clippings; war memorabilia including medals, c. 1943; three-dimensional objects; ephemera; clippings; diplomas; certificates; academic hood; American Red Cross jacket; more than 2,000 photographs; travel photo albums; post card album; flash cards in Chinese and Japanese characters; language notebooks; sketch books.


materials related to the Center for Women in Medicine
RECORDS, c. 1975   25 ln. ft.
The Center for Women in Medicine (CWIM), an organization rooted at MCP, is sometimes referred to as the predecessor of the Institute for Women’s Health, a current organization. (CWIM is no longer functioning.) The collection includes: national surveys; re-training programs materials; Women in Medicine - Action Plan 70s materials; pre-med materials; Archives materials; alumnae/I surveys; materials re: related organizations; financial papers; advisory council materials; correspondence; statistics; subscriptions; bibliographies; staffing materials; public relations materials; surveys of women at MCP and other universities; foundations files; slide show; committee and board materials.

*NOTE: This collection is housed off-site in twenty record cartons at Pierce Leahy (customer box numbers 3757001-62, and 3757201-300. The remaining twelve record cartons are on-site. (See inventory.)


medical instruments from the MCP Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic; ophthalmology scanner from the MCP Ophthalmology Department
OBJECTS, c. 1940   
medical instruments from the MCP Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic; ophthalmology scanner from the MCP Ophthalmology Department: c. 1940


instruments, supplies and books belonging to J. George Sommer, M.D.
c. 1890    


materials related to Anna M. Brady, M.D., WMC 1951
PAPERS, [1951-86]   5 in.
Anna Brady was an orthopedic surgeon in the United States Army, and a veteran of the Vietnam War. She was the only woman commanding officer of a U.S. Army medical unit there. The collection includes: Dr. Brady’s c.v. and other biographical materials; clippings, [1968-84]; photographs; 1951 WMC commencement program; materials re: Alumnae Association Award, 1969; other award materials, 1970, 1984, 1986; MCP development materials; correspondence (some with Catharine Macfarlane and Alma Morani), 1968-69; family correspondence (including postcards), 1968-69; “Vietnam Conflict Map”, 1967; “American Division News Sheet”, 1969; U.S. Army orders and recommendations, 1969; family records, [1954-68]; materials related to Dr. Brady’s tenure as Director of the Department of Orthopedics at Frankford Hospital in Philadelphia, 1973.


Alpha Epsilon Iota
RECORDS, [1906-1957]   5 in.
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Records of the women's fraternity Alpha Epsilon Iota, including “The University of Chicago Magazine” published by the Alumni Council, 9 issues, November 1924 - May, 1925 and February and March, 1927; minutes of the Kappa Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Iota, includes some clippings and ephemera; [September 1935-June 1957]; handbook, “Ritual of Alpha Epsilon Iota”; c. 1940; “Grand Chapter Constitution, Alpha Epsilon Iota”, includes names of members, 1906-10; newsletter, 1938.


materials related to Lillie Rosa Minoka-Hill, WMC 1899
PAPERS, [1903-59]   1 in.
Dr. Minoka-Hill was a Mohawk Indian, who was adopted by Philadelphia Quakers. She worked and lived in Wisconsin among the Oneida Indians. The collection includes the following: Dr. Hill’s blank prescription sheet; copy of blank prescription sheet of Dr. J.G. Allen of Philadelphia, Hill’s adoptive father; Diamond Jubilee program for the Haskell Institute of Lawrence, KS, 1959; copy of Hill’s handwritten speech on the occasion of her adoption into the Oneida tribe; copy of letter from Hill’s daughter advising receiver of her mother’s death, 1952; copy of a brief biographic sketch by Hill’s granddaughter, 1987; copy of invitation to join the Altrusa Club of Green Bay, 1948; copy of a letter re: memorial to Hill, 1953; copy of a speech by Hill re: American Indians and their health care, n.d.; copy of program of the North American Indian Club of Detroit, MI, 1948; copy of University of Wisconsin Honorary Recognition Ceremony program, 1949; copies of two special tax stamps for “Practitioner Dispensing Opium, Coca Leaves, etc.”; copy of the will of Joshua G. Allen, Hill’s adoptive father, 1903; petition re: the distribution of Hill’s estate, 1952.


“Gender and Medical Socialization”
MANUSCRIPT, c. 1988   45 pages
This manuscript by Steven C. Martin, M.D., Robert M. Arnold, M.D., and Ruth M. Parker, M.D. of the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program seeks to show that “interactions between gender and medical socialization will help determine the future of the American health care system.” A bibliography is included.


“The Medical World of The Agnew Clinic: A World We Have Lost?”
n.d.; and “Eakins’s Agnew Clinic: The Medical World in Transition”
MANUSCRIPT, N.D., 1985   2 articles, 29 pages including illustrations, and 7 pages including illustration
These articles by Diana E. Long (Hall) explore the Thomas Eakins painting, The Agnew Clinic, and the central figure in that work, David Hayes Agnew. She seeks to determine, in part, what the image reveals about “gender as a primary (dis)qualification for medicine”. "Eakins’s Agnew Clinic" was published in Transactions & Studies of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, March 1985.


materials related to Gimbel Brothers Department Store and the National and Philadelphia Gimbel Awards
PAPERS, [1928-82]    23.75 ln. ft.
The Gimbel Philadelphia Award honored volunteers working for humanity in addition to their professional accomplishments for the community at large. When Gimbel Bros., Inc. closed, the selection committee sought out a new sponsor. In 1987, MCP assumed sponsorship and renamed it the MCP/Gimbel Award. The collection includes: materials related to Gimbel Brothers Department Store’s holiday parades and events, [1928- 49]; materials related to recipients of the National and Philadelphia Awards, [1932 -82]: includes public relations materials, clippings, speeches, photographs, ephemera, audio-visual materials, selection committee materials. These materials are stored at Pierce Leahy in nineteen record cartons, customer box numbers 5201801-810, 5201831-


MCP Commencement
RECORDS, 1988   2 video tapes
Video tape of MCP Commencement.


materials related to Ida B. Scudder, M.D.
WMC 1929, and the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India
PAPERS, [1939-86]   2.5 in.
The collection includes an analysis of cases at the Christian Medical College Hospital (CMCH), 1939-86; a bound patient register from the department of radiotherapy at the CMCH, 1939-85; oversize photographs.


materials related to Marie Seixas Howard, M.D., WMC 1909
BOOKS, c. 1909   4 record cartons: 30 books and publications, 1 box of instruments and supplies, 1 pennant
View collection description >

This collection includes 30 books (largely textbooks), and some other publications; a WMC pennant, 1909; instruments and supplies including a microscope slide case with slides, sterilizers, large, filled, hand-labeled medicine bottles, rubber rings, bandages . The books and publications are stored at Pierce Leahy in four boxes, customer box numbers 5987707-708 and 5987713-714. The instruments and pennant are on-site.


“A Handbook of Obstetric Manikin Procedures”
1.0 volume, 1952   21 pages
This handbook is by Ann Gray Taylor (WMC 1918) and Joan M. Roberts (WMC 1946). Taylor was a professor of obstetrics at WMC from 1925 to 1959. Roberts was a clinical assistant and instructor in obstetrics at WMC from 1947 to 1953. The handbook was used with the course in obstetric manikin procedures offered for fourth year students.


materials related to Lila Stein Kroser, M.D., WMC 1957
PAPERS, [1957-95]    10 record cartons
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Dr. Kroser, a specialist in family medicine and gerontology, was on the MCP Board of Corporators, President of the MCP Alumnae/i Association, President of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and Treasurer of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). The collection includes: biographical information; MCP homecoming and commencement materials, 1957, 1984-85, 1987-1989, 1990, 1994; Founders’ Day materials, 1985-86; MCP Board of Corporators materials (reports, strategic plans, etc.), 1984-86; College Committee materials, 1986-87; MCP Women’s Health Institute materials, 1986-89; MCP fundraising materials, 1992; MCP admissions materials, 1992; WMCP Bulletin, 1966/67; Alumnae/i Association materials, 1985-88, 1994; correspondence [1983-90]; photographs; clippings; travel materials re: Kroser’s election to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia; conference and meeting materials; AMWA materials (Kroser’s presidency, by-laws, correspondence, public relations, minutes, strategic plans, reports, meeting information, student membership materials, mailing lists, finance and AWH committee materials, branch 25-Philadelphia materials, clippings, issues of JAMWA and other publications), 1976-88, 1992; American Medical Association materials, 1984; MWIA materials, including statutes and by-laws, reports, meetings, programs, minutes, financial reports and receipts, mailing lists, questionnaires, newsletters, and correspondence [1963, 1983-95]; family commencements; medical and other publications; Gimbel Award materials re: Lynn Hardy Yeakel, 1986; retirement materials for Maurice Clifford, MCP President, 1980-85; inauguration materials for Walter Cohen, MCP President, 1986; materials regarding the MCP/Allegheny Health Services merger, 1986-87; invitation and program for the first President’s Ball under Allegheny, 1987; materials re: Kroser’s loan of art works to the MCP art gallery, [1987-89]; materials related to Kroser’s inclusion in America’s New Women Entrepreneurs, 1986; materials re: Kroser’s financial support of organizations, institutions and political organizations, 1985-87; Commonwealth Board Award materials, 1987-88; Girls’ High School Award materials, 1988; materials re: Kroser’s work with the Philadelphia County Medical Society, 1984-86, 1988; materials re: the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians, 1988; physicians’ partnership agreement, 1989; holiday cards; conference badges; materials re: MCP’s Patient Care Pavilion, 1986; materials regarding Temple University (Kroser is an alum); Special Trust Fund committee material, 1988; materials regarding the exhibition Send Us A Lady Physician: Women Doctors in America, 1835-1920; materials regarding the American Academy of Family Physicians, 1991-93; materials regarding the National Conference of Women, Minority and New Physicians, 1993.


framed certificate of institutional membership showing MCP’s national affiliations and services through its blood bank
RECORDS,1963   1 framed certificate


materials related to Anne Barlow, M.D.
PAPERS, 1938-53, [1970-85]   4 record cartons
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Dr. Barlow was in the OB/GYN Department at MCP and President of the American Medical Women’s Association. The collection includes: biographical material; photographs, slides and speeches, 1976-77, 1979-81, 1983-85; reprints (Barlow and others), 1970-72, 1978; AMWA materials; diaries, 1938-53.

NOTE: These materials are located off-site at Pierce Leahy in customer box numbers 6255682-685.


materials from the Department of Psychiatry at WMC/MCP
RECORDS, [1966-73]   1 in.
Course material: “Psychiatric Component of Physical Diagnosis Course for Woman’s Medical College Sophomores”, 1966; New York City request for research proposals material: letter and “City of New York Health Services Administration/Narcotics Antagonists Research Program/Request for Research Proposals”, 1971; proposal: “Contract Proposal for a Graduate Training Program in Primary Care/Submitted by the Medical College of Pennsylvania”, 1973.

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