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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 341-360.

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“A Fair Chance for Menstrual Theories: An Analysis of Medicine’s Interpretation and Management of Menstruation and Its Disorders”
MANUSCRIPT, 1988   20 pages
This paper by Karen Cavallo was written in fulfillment of a requirement for the History of Health Care course at Sarah Lawrence College. She explores “the roots of menstrual taboos and physician authority over menstruation, 19th century medicine’s views of menstruation, menstruation in the context of Victorian ideology, menstruation theories and their impact on women's’ access to higher education”, and “the parallels of the past with the present.”


“The Black Community and the Birth Control Movement, 1915-1945"
MANUSCRIPT, 1989   37 pages
This essay by Jessie M. Rodrique appears in Passion and Power: Sexuality and History, Peiss and Simmons, eds., Temple University Press, 1989. Rodrique argues that the decline in African-American fertility between the late 19th century and World War II was directly related to increased use of birth control, and that in fact, African-Americans “were active and effective participants in the establishment of local clinics and the birth control debate.”


materials related to Emily Rambo Anderson
PAPERS, c. 1885   1 box of skeletal remains, 1 photograph
Anderson was a student at WMC from 1884-87, but did not graduate. The collection consists of two items: a box containing a human skeleton which Anderson studied while she was a student; and a print of a photograph of Anderson, her mother, and daughter.


materials related to Dorothy Macy, M.D., WMC 1944
PAPERS, n.d.   1 box of academic regalia
This collection consists of Dr. Macy’s academic hood, gown and mortar board.


News Letter of the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania
RECORDS,1942 and 1944   


letters related to Dorothy Emerson
PAPERS, 1951   
Dorothy Emerson was the Supervisor of the Clinical Laboratory at the WMCP Hospital in 1951. This is a collection of letters she wrote to her parents in Kansas City, KS, discussing the problems she was having there, her relationships with Dr. Eva Fox and Dr. Dapena (a pathologist), and her resignation.


“Dr. Lizzie Maud Carvill, 1873-1934: First Woman of Ophthalmology”
MANUSCRIPT, 1989   21 pages
This paper was written by Joan Krizack of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. This is a biographical paper on Carvill whom Krizack believes was the first woman ophthalmologist. Carvill was employed by the Massachusetts Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary (predecessor to the MA Eye and Ear Infirmary) at one time.


materials related to Hazel S. Wilhelm, M.D.
PAPERS, 1981, 1988-89   11 pieces
Dr. Wilhelm was a pediatrician who practiced in New York City, and later in Falmouth on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She received her M.D. from the State University of New York. The collection includes clippings, a photograph, correspondence, biographical information, alumni material, and ephemera.


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materials related to Grace Nugent, M.D., MCP 1989
PAPERS, c. 1986   5 ln. ft.
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This collection consists of Dr. Nugent’s class notes and some photographs, which are stored off-site at Pierce Leahy in customer box numbers 5987709-712.


materials related to Sophie Trent, M.D.
PAPERS, [1934-1989]    3 ln. ft.
Dr. Trent was a physician and researcher interested in tropical diseases. She was a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps Reserves and a member of the leadership of the Pan American Medical Women’s Alliance (PAMWA) and the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), as well as an artist and poet. The collection includes course notes and a bulletin from Pembroke College of Brown University, 1934-37; course transcripts, GRE report, alumni and other materials from Brown University, [1937-1989]; Trent’s M.D. thesis from Yale University School of Medicine, 1943; correspondence, examinations, course notes from Yale Medical School, 1938-45; copies of The Yale Record, 1949 and College Years, 1939; Phi Beta Kappa handbook, 1938; 7 textbooks and handbooks, [1924-1942], materials re: Trent’s internship at Vanderbilt University, 1942-43; materials re: her Rockefeller Foundation internship, 1943-45; materials re the School of Tropical Medicine and Trent’s internship there, 1936-51; case histories, notes, research papers and medical literature (reprints) regarding Puerto Rico and tropical diseases, 1944-45; Duval County Hospital (FL) residency, 1948; biographical materials, curriculum vitae, clippings, reprints, correspondence, photographs, research papers, publications by and about Trent, [1945-1981]; PAMWA materials, [1960-1981]; AMWA and branch materials, [1962-1973]; materials regarding the Medical Women’s International Association, [1966-1980]; American Medical Association materials, 1953; American Society of Tropical Medicine materials, 1946-48; photographs and correspondence regarding her stay in Dahran, Saudi Arabia as an employee of the Arabian American Oil Company, 1949; materials regarding her practice in the Virgin Islands, 1947; practice and teaching in Connecticut, 1950-1989; service in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, 1960; materials related to her master’s degree in art, 1979-81; three books of poetry by Trent, 1965, 1970, 1983; directories of Connecticut physicians, 1954,1963-64, 1971-72; Directory of Medical Women, 1949; two cases of pathology slides of tropical diseases, c. 1944.


“Caroline V. Anderson: A Pioneer”
MANUSCRIPT, 1989   15 pages
Jessie Audette wrote this paper in fulfillment of an undergraduate course in Women’s Studies at Oberlin College. This is a biographical essay focusing on the life and career of Dr. Caroline Anderson, a nineteenth century African-American, woman physician.


historical books on medical subjects
, [1803-1944]   32 volumes
This collection, which largely consists of medical text books, biographical and institutional histories, and some treatises, was transferred to the Archives by Allegheny General Hospital. See the accession file for the inventory.


materials related to William D. Johnson, M.D.
PAPERS, [1954-1986]   1 ln. ft.
Dr. Johnson was on the faculty at MCP in the Pathology Department from 1977 to 1985. The collection includes correspondence and meeting minutes, [1975-86]; issues of Sewanee Review, 1954, 1960; preprints and reprints of articles written by or co-authored by Dr. Johnson; awards, diplomas, medical licenses, fellowship notices, and a plaque.


materials related to Eliza Jane (Jennie) Wood Armitage, M.D., WMC 1870
PAPERS, [1860-1895], [1920-1930]   1 ln. in. and scales and weights
The collection includes one page of Dr. Armitage’s diary, 1864; a membership diploma of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Good Templar, 1872; diary of births attended and payment received, [1860-1895], same diary records Armitage’s nursing of a young family member with scarlet fever and other events, [1920-1930], same diary contains genealogical information; photograph of Armitage, c. 1925; wooden case with set of scales and weights; small medicine case with vials.


ABC TV’s “HeartBeat” program
NON-TEXTUAL, c. 1985   


"Nineteenth Century Reformers: Constance Stone and Annette Bear-Crawford"
MANUSCRIPT, 1986   86 pages
This paper by Shirley Ruth Freeman was written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the B.A. with Honors from the School of Humanities at Deakin University, Australia. Freeman presents “the findings and conclusions of a one year study of why and how, during the establishment of hospitals in nineteenth century Melbourne, one hospital was established by women, for women.” That hospital was Queen Victoria Hospital. Constance Stone was a WMC alum, class of 1887.


framed page of the 1852 announcement for the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania
1 framed document


material related to Phyllis Marciano, M.D., WMC 1960
PAPERS, [1957-1971]   1.5 ln. ft.


materials related to Janet O. Yardley, M.D.
PAPERS, [1979-89]   11 ln. ft.
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Dr. Yardley was a family practitioner who spent most of her career in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. The collection includes: family practice billing and statements, income reports, forms (blank and completed), insurance records, correspondence, hospital visit record, publications and 2 syringes, [1979-89].

NOTE: These materials contain patient records, which are restricted by law. The Archivist will review materials to preserve confidentiality before access is granted.

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