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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 41-60.

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SHEPPARD, Walter Lee, PAPERS [1919-1941]    4 ln. ft.
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Minutes, reports, correspondence, and other materials, [1919-1941], reflecting Sheppard's general activities on the Board of Corporators, and its Executive Committee; the Woman's Medical College and Hospital, including reorganization of the Hospital Board; a new site for the College; establishing a branch medical school in Shanghai, China; the appointment of Maude E. Abbott to the Pathology Department; the removal of Alice Weld Tallant from the Chair of Obstetrics; fundraising; appropriations of state aid for the College; joining the Associated Hospital Service of Philadelphia; association with the Welfare Federation of Philadelphia; and miscellaneous invitations to College and Board functions. Also contains records of Sheppard's work on the Education Committee, 1921; and from the Committee on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure, 1929-1938, including correspondence with Helene Lippay Wastl and with Arthur M. Kennedy. General correspondence, legal briefs, and related materials from Sheppard's files as Counsel for WMC, [1922-1941], including revision of the College By-Laws; the establishment of a Catholic scholarship in the memory of Julia Phiania Harton, M.D.; and a pledge by Agnes P.R. Groome. Miscellaneous correspondence and reports, 1931, mostly dealing with financial matters during Sheppard's term as Acting President of WMC; and scattered correspondence and reports, [1932-1941], reflecting his activities as Vice-President for WMC.

HURD-MEAD, Kate Campbell, M.D., PAPERS, [1888 - 1949]    2.5 ln. ft.
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Autobiographical sketch of Hurd-Mead, physician and medical historian. Correspondence, both personal and concerning her History of Women in Medicine, (Vol. 1, The Haddam Press: Haddam, CT, 1938) from, among others, Mary Ritter Beard, Howard A. Kelly, M.D., and Sir William Osler, M.D. Special correspondence series includes a group of letters with autobiographical sketches of Hurd-Mead's Newburyport, Massachusetts high school class of 1883 graduates. The other special correspondence series contains letters, [1929-1940], reflecting Hurd-Mead's activities in the Haddam, Connecticut Garden Club. Manuscript of her History of Medical Women in England, unpublished volume III of a proposed three-volume work, and scattered correspondence concerning this history. Financial account book, 1894-1926, for her medical practice. Book review of her published work. Certificates and memberships, and brochures reflecting her Garden Club activities. Reprints concerning medical topics and gardening.

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MCLEER, Susan V., M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978    1 ms. (10 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Update--Women in Medicine at MCP" by McLeer, MCP Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education and Director for the Division for Women in Medicine. Presented at the alumnae/i homecoming at the Medical College, 15 April 1978.

Additional materials: books


PEITZMAN, Steven J., M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978    1 ms. (6 pp.)
Photocopy of typed notes for paper entitled "Early Women's Medical Societies in Pennsylvania" by Peitzman.


Copper plaque, ca. 1912; photograph.

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MACFARLANE, Catharine, M.D., PAPERS, [1902 - 1971]    2 ln. ft.
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Biography of Macfarlane, Philadelphia physician and Professor of Gynecology at WMC, written in 1970 by Sister M. Juan La Barr. Correspondence, [1902-(1945-1968)], concerning Macfarlane's professional activities, especially her staff, committee, and professional appointments at the Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. The bulk of the correspondence deals with the American Medical Women's Association Library and Memorial Building Fund, and contains materials from Mabel E. Gardner, M.D.; George A. Hay; Dehlia A. Lynch, M.D.; Rose V. Menendian, M.D.; Nellie S. Noble, M.D.; and Bertha Van Hoosen, M.D. Manuscripts of papers, speeches and presentations by Macfarlane dealing with activities and people of WMC, and medical and gynecological topics. Copy of television film and script for 1956 "This is Your Life" guest appearance. Certificates, brochures, and programs, many reflecting Macfarlane's work in cancer prevention and detection. Scrapbooks containing miscellaneous materials about WMC, women physicians.

SELMON, Bertha Eugenia Loveland, M.D., PAPERS, [1932 - (1940-1948)]    6 in.
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Correspondence concerning the "History of Women in Medicine" section (edited by Selmon) of the Medical Woman's Journal. Manuscripts and notes by Selmon and others on the history of women in medicine.

Additional materials: photographs, artifacts, reprints, clippings


BLACK WOMEN PHYSICIANS, PAPERS, [1906-1978]    2.5 ln. ft.
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Correspondence regarding statistics on and names of African-American alumnae of WMCP; lists of black alumnae 1947-1974; reprints of articles on black women physicians. Draft article on African-American women prepared in 1977/1978 by archives' staff members Margaret Jerrido and Sandra Chaff.

see also: Accession 178

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TREGO, Emma Fell, OBJECTS, ca. 1902    wooden box
Dissecting kit: 7 items in wooden case. Emma Fell Trego was a Swarthmore student in 1902 (there is no documentation of her graduating). This dissescting kit was likely used in her zoology class at Swarthmore, and is similar to the dissecting kits used by medical students at that time.


"OUR HOSPITALS", journal   
"Our Hospitals" 1940, Women and Children's Hospital of Chicago.


MORANTZ, Regina Markell, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978    1 ms. (21 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Women Physicians, Coeducation and the Struggle for Professional Standards in Nineteenth Century Medical Education" by Morantz. Presented at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, August 1978.

NOTE: located in stacks with other journals.

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FREEZE, Karen Johnson, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978    1 ms. (23 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Czech Women and the Politics of Educational Reform in Austria: Women and the Medical Profession, 1890-1900" by Freeze. Presented at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, August 1978.


JOHANSON, Christine, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978    1 ms. (37 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Bureaucratic Politics, Public Opinion, and Women's Medical Education During the Reign of Alexander II: 1855-1881" by Johanson. Presented at the Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, August, 1978.


TAYLOR, Jane Bliss, MANUSCRIPT, 1949   
Handwritten manuscript of Taylor's recollections of Mary Edwards Walker, M.D. Carbon copy of typed transcript of the manuscript.

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KAUFMAN, Polly Welts, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978    1 ms., partial (46 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript of Kaufman's doctoral dissertation on Boston Women and City School Politics, 1872-1905; Nurturers and Protectors in Public Education, including introduction, Chapter IX (dealing with the work of Elizabeth Keller, M.D.), and the footnotes for this chapter.

Note: Part of AMWA Collection

TUVE, Jeanette, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1978    1 ms. (14 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript by Tuve. This segment, chapter 3, deals with Adelaide Kukanine, M.D., and represents a larger work on the first Russian women physicians from ca. 1865-1925.

MCP Office of Institutional Relations, OBJECTS, 1966   
Brass trowel used in the laying of the date-stone for the New Clincial Teaching and Services Wing of the Hospital (September 9, 1966).

MUDD, Emily, Ph.D., MANUSCRIPTs, 1971, 1978    2 ms. (6 pp.)
Two separate introductions of Helen O. Dickens, M.D., by Mudd: at the presentation of the 1970 Philadelphia Gimbel Award on 2 January 1971; and at the Drew Award Dinner, Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, 10 December 1978.

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