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Accessions are listed by number, this page lists materials acquired by the Archive in 61-80.

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HOOVER, Anna Ryder, OBJECTS, 19th C.  
Two brass pessaries originally belonging to Anna (Nancy) Ryder Hoover, donated by Mary Lehman Windus, M.D. (WMC 1928).


HUGHES, Beryl, MANUSCRIPT, 1978   1 ms. (8 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "Early Women Doctors in New Zealand" by Hughes. Presented in Australia.


PHILLIPS, Clifton J., MANUSCRIPT, 1979   1 ms. (5 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript about Rosetta Sherwood Hall, M.D. Prepared by Phillips for inclusion in Notable American Women, 2nd ed.


PEITZMAN, Steven J., M.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1979   1 ms. (35 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "The Quiet Life of a Philadelphia Woman: Mary Willits (1855-1902)" by Peitzman. Presented at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 21 March 1979.

Additional materials: reprint

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DRACHMAN, Virginia G., Ph.D., MANUSCRIPT, 1979   1 ms. (17 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "A Unique Medical Community in Late Nineteenth-Century America: The New England Hospital for Women and Children" by Drachman. Presented at a meeting of the American Association for the History of Medicine, May 1979.


Address to the graduates of Temple University’s School of Medicine, 1979


BOWEN, Amy Metcalf, OBJECTS, 1912  
WMC bronze class pin inscribed W.M.C. 1912. Records indicate the pin was given indirectly to the Archives by Amy Metcalf Bowen, WMC 1912.

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BROUSSARD, Delma L., MANUSCRIPT, 1979   1 ms. (26 pp.)
Photocopy of typed manuscript entitled "A Background on Abraham Flexner's Attack on Women" by Broussard. Written in fulfillment of a Harvard University course requirement.


MISSIONARIES, PAPERS, [1915-1972]   2 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, lists of medical missionary personnel, and printed materials, [1915-1972], of MCP missionary alumnae; and of general medical missionary organizations, particularly the Medical Mission Sisters; mission hospitals; schools; and non-medical missionary groups around the world, but particularly in Ceylon, China, and India.

Additional materials: scrapbook, photographs, publications, reprints. Inventory available.

WMC/MCP Events: Buildings, RECORDS, [1929 - 1986]   1 ln. ft.
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Correspondence, speeches, invitations, and programs related to opening ceremonies for new buildings and additions to the College and Hospital.

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WMC/MCP Events, RECORDS, [1900-1989], 1991-1995   1 ln. ft.
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Scattered correspondence, speeches, copies of invitations and programs relating to commencement. Typed comments made upon presentation of honorary degrees. Correspondence, speeches, printed invitations and programs relating to Founders Day and Homecoming, WMC's Centennial Celebration, fetes, women's history week, Kate Hurd-Mead lectures, The Gimbel Award and other annual and unique events.


WMC/MCP MEDICAL STUDENTS, RECORDS, [1850-1981].   1.5 ln. ft.
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Student records including: matriculation books, [1904-1967]; class lists for faculty lectures, [1886-1896]; examinationrecords, [1888-1901]; and scattered certificates and recommendations foradmission to the College, 1877, 1909. Student Association records including: Constitution and revisions, [1895-1976]; minutes, [(1895-1916)-(1943-1961)]; roll book, 1913-1927; correspondence, [1920-1947], including material concerning the establishment of an honor system and the removal from the faculty of Alice Weld Tallant, M.D. 1923; financial records, [1919-1925]. Student theses. Alumnae/i Association records including: Constitution and by laws, containing historical notes and listing past presidents of the Association, [1907-1960]. Annual meeting reports, presentations, and programs, [1894-1981]; minutes, [(1886-1894)-(1941-1949)]; registers, 1951-1970. Correspondence and other material relating to the removal of Alice Weld Tallant, M.D., 1923.

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WMC/MCP ALUMNAE/I ASSOCIATION, RECORDS, [1914-1981]   27 ln. ft.
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Reports, correspondence, notes, announcements, and biographical and other information relating to activities of the alumnae/i of the medical school, [1953-1975], and of the nursing school, [1975-1978]. Folders of biographical and related information on individual medical school alumnae, [1851-Present]. Alumnae/i Association Treasurer's reports, [1926-1951]. Executive Committee Minutes, [(1906-1918)-1951]. Newspaper clippings from Public Relations department. Financial records of Alumnae Relations and of the Alumnae Association, [1958-1977].

Additional materials: photographs, needlework, academic gowns.


School of Nursing: Records, [1913-1980], RECORDS, [1932-1971]   3 ln. ft.
Records, including histories, [1932-1971], of the School; annual reports, [1913-1949], to the State Board of Examiners for the Registration of Nurses; course outline, 1975; student course record, [1904-1922]; miscellaneous evaluations of students, [1922-1932]; commencement programs and invitations, [1950-1980].

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WMC/MCP ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS: Development and Public Affairs, RECORDS, [1963 - 1981]   5"
Correspondence, minutes, and news releases on the following MCP groups, events, and programs, [1963-1981]: National Board, Commonwealth Board, Auxiliary, Board of Advisers, Board of Corporators, Sup-port Groups, Executive Board, Altrusa Club, Commencement, Hospital Day, Founders Day, Gimbel Award, leadership training, patient visitation, Summer Policy program. Biographical and other information collected by the Development Department on various individuals associated with MCP. Records, including histories, [1932-1971], of the School; annual reports, [1913-1949], to the State Board of Examiners for the Registration of Nurses; course outline, 1975; student course record, [1904-1922]; miscellaneous evaluations of students, [1922-1932]; commencement programs and invitations, [1950-1980].


WMC/MCP Publications, RECORDS, 1850 - present   ca. 30 ln. ft.
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Published materials include annual announcements and College bulletins, 1850-Present; presidential notes and reports, [1964-Present]; student yearbooks and newsletters, 1910-1914, 1956-Present; special hospital publications, [1896-1973]; nursing school publications, [1921-1976]; news releases, [1950-Present]; newspaper clippings, [1850-Present], on the College, faculty and students; reprints of articles by MCP faculty and alumnae/i, [1916-1950]; pamphlet and monograph materials and memorials, [1868-1961], on women physicians and individuals affiliated with MCP; miscellaneous MCP publications.

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Hospitals and Clinics related to WMC/MCP, RECORDS, 1854-1960   3.5 ln. ft, 9.0 volumes
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Maternity and Operating Case Books

College Out-Practice Maternity Case Books: Out-practice book, January 1924 - June 1933, listing delivery information for parents and child.
Maternity Case Books: Admissions book, 1910-1924; case books, 1923-1960; delivery and operations brief book, 1910-1926.
Operating Room Book: 1937-1943 Log book, June 1937 - December 1943, listing patient name, operation, surgeon, assistant, and anesthetist.
Nursing Alumnae/i Association:
Scrapbook, 1966.
Broomall's Out-Practice and Maternity Hospital
Clinic case books, 1890-1900, 1903.
Clinic of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania
Case books containing history and treatment for patients of Edwin Fussell, M.D., 1856-1858, Elwood Harvey, M.D., 1856, and Kersey G. Thomas, M.D., 1854-1855.
Hospital and Dispensary of the Alumnae of the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania (AKA the South-Eastern Dispensary for Women and Children and renamed the Amy S. Barton Dispensary between 1904 and 1906):
Managing Board minutes, 1895-1917; letterbooks, 1905-1917, of the Corresponding Secretary of the Board; clinic case books, 1895-1900, includes some student lecture notes [1894-95]; printed annual reports, 1896-1904.
Hospital of the Medical College of Pennsylvania:
General staff minutes, 1917-1932.

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ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS: Public relations, RECORDS, 1949 - [1960s - 1976]   1.5 ln. ft.
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Materials related to MCP Public Relations Department, (department name was changed to the Communications Department in 1989). Materials of former administrative staff, faculty, guest speakers and honarary degree recipients. Biographical data, correspondence, inhouse news releases and publications, newsclippings, photographs, publications, programs and speeches.

For more recent materials from the Communicaitons Department, please consult the archivist.


Surgical Pathology, RECORDS, [1922-1962]   27 ln. ft.
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Collection contains pathology logbooks, the majority containing information gathered in a research project conducted by I. Nathan Dubin, M.D.

Surgical Pathology Specimen case books, [1922-1929], listing patient name, result of study, and including some autopsy reports; surgical pathology diagnosis casebooks, 1953-1957.

Uterine Cancer Cytology Research Project Records, [1957-1962], including industrial casebook, 1958-1962, listing names of participants and their attending pathologist in this six-year project to screen for cervical cancer women working in industry in four counties in the Philadelphia area; industrial casebook reports, 1957-1962, with study reports on each participant; and industrial positive log book, 1957-1960, with names of participants with suspect Pap smears who were referred to their family physicians (pro ject directed by I. Nathan Dubin, M.D.).

Museum Technique Instruction Book of Iseult V. Finlay.

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