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p2179 amphitheatre 1903
Doctor or Doctress? is a site designed for high school student exploration of the history of women through the eyes of women physicians.

"They'll look at me sidewise and say 'that's her' and I do hope they won't insist on calling me a 'doctress.' "-- Dr. Mary McGavran, 1893

p2179 amphitheatre 1903
Women Physicians 1850s-1970s documents the history of women physicians, beginning with the first medical school for women, Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania (WMCP). Founded in 1850, WMCP trained thousands of women physicians who practiced in all parts of the world, and provided rare opportunities for women to teach, practice, perform research and manage a medical school. Collection includes correspondence, scrapbooks, clippings, college records, images, diaries, publications and ephemera.
1911 WMCP Yeabook page 53
Yearbooks from Medical Colleges, Nursing Schools, and Allied Health programs
The Drexel Med Legacy Center has digitized all of the yearbooks it holds from our predecessor institutions. Select from the institutions and programs here to view the available yearbooks.

If you own a yearbook that does not appear here, please let us know!
Austin James - Bradford Biographies
Biographies of Homeopathic Physicians, Volumes 1-36
Collected by Thomas Bradford, MD, these 36 volumes contain biographical information of homeopathic physicians and institutional history of the Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital of Philadelphia. The entries include materials from 1868 to 1918, even though the title page is dated 1916. On Internet Archive.


Allentown Academy
Correspondenzblatt der Homoeopatischen Aerzt
Sixteen issues of the Correspondenzblatt der Homoeopatischen Aerzte were published from 1835-1836 by the North American Academy of the Homeopathic Healing Art (known as the Allentown Academy), the first school in the United States to teach the homeopathic medicine. Edited by Constantine Hering, the journal contains case notes, observations and questions submitted by homeopathic practitioners.
Garrettson Hospital, Temple University
Philadelphia: Worlds' Medical Centre
162 pp. book

On History Pin, all institutions are mapped, described and linked to the book page.
The full book, hosted on Internet Archive.

A 1930 publication, the volume lists, describes and illustrates the area healthcare institutions. "Philadelphia, world's medical centre: by word and picture this book typifies the tremendous growth of Philadelphia's institutions in the field of medical science and proves conclusively its right to the title--world's medical centre.Philadelphia, world's medical centre : by word and picture this book typifies the tremendous growth of Philadelphia's institutions in the field of medical science and proves conclusively its right to the title--world's medical centre."

June Klinghoffer oral history video

Dr. June Klinghoffer

Oral history interview with Dr. June Klinghoffer, 1945 graduate of Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania.
Images of MCP Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital
Images of the Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital after its closure as a community hospital. [On Flickr]

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