The Foundation

In November of 1915, the 50th anniversary of the Mary Thompson Hospital in Chicago brought together a number of medical women and their supporters. From these, a group of women met to “hasten the day when it can be truthfully said, “There is no sex in medicine.’” The result of this meeting was the founding of the Medical Women’s National Association, later known as the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA).

Dr. Martha Welpton, undated

Dr. Welpton was a founding member of the Medical Women’s National Association. She held several leadership positions in the Association in its first decade, including recording secretary and treasurer, and vice president. Dr. Welpton spent most of her life practicing in San Diego, California.





Dr. Sadie Bay Adair, undated

Dr. Adair was a charter member of AMWA and served as one of its councilors. She was active in Chicago’s medical societies and served on the Chicago Board of Education.