Continuing Mission

Cover of fundraising booklet for the Near East Relief effort.

With the signing of the armistice on November 11, 1918, the Great War came to an end. Plans to expand AWHS’s effort in France and start operations in other theaters were no longer necessary. As the hospitals were dismantled, there was one institution in France that continued to receive support: the Residence Sociale.

The mission to Serbia, however, moved forward and as the Balkan situation deteriorated after the war, AWHS stepped up to deliver the services desperately needed. Beginning in 1918 and through the 1920s, the mission expanded to include Serbia, Greece, Albania, Turkey, Armenia, and Russia. These missions become known collectively as the Near East effort.

Opening address of the General Meeting of the American Women’s Hospitals held on December 19, 1918 discussing the armistice and its impact on the organization’s plans.