All yearbooks sorted by date - 239 yearbooks

Hahnemann Med School yearbooks - 82 yearbooks - spotty from 1898 to 1922 but consistent from 1928 to 1998

Woman's Medical College yearbooks - 44 yearbooks - just one in 1911 then consistent from 1956 to 1998

MCP♦Hahnemann and Drexel Med Schools yearbooks - 13 yearbooks - 1999 to 2011

Nursing yearbooks - 73 yearbooks - Hahnemann (fairly consistent from 1927 to 1975) and Woman's Med (spotty from 1921 to 1935 but consistent from 1946 to 1976)

Allied Health yearbooks - 27 yearbooks - Hahnemann (and one Allegheny) from 1978 to 1997

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